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Monica Blache's commentary on Jamal Sharif's
Passion, Pride and Politickin':
Homegrown Poetry and Essays
(book review)

Moni's interview with poet Jamal Sharif

Review Copyright Monica Blache, 2002


About the Book
Okay people, there's a new Sharif in town -- Jamal Sharif. Anyone caught flipping through the pages of her book, Passion, Pride and Politickin': Homegrown Poetry and Essays, will be sentenced to her 'n-yo-face brand of poetic justice. Ms. Sharif's "Public Service Announcement" about the "Consequences" of "Pussy Politics," or her insightfulness of "Why Good, Black Women End Up Alone: As Response to Joy Jones," will arrest your metaphoric senses. These are just a few of the titles from her book with powerful messages regarding self-love, self-pride, cultural diversity, and the Black experience seen through the eyes of a Black woman not afraid to speak her mind.

As Ms. Sharif so profoundly states in her Preface: "In every person's life, and especially every woman's, there comes a time when one must have the courage to define herself, herself." Each poem and essay in Passion, Pride and Politickin' candidly defines the real Jamal Sharif and the world she lives in. From cover-to-cover, Ms. Sharif holds no punches and makes no apologies for her outspokenness. If you're looking for a reference book of life's lessons, with a touch of inspirational healing messages, then Passion, Pride and Politickin' is definitely a must read book for those sentenced to a life lacking confidence and facing one's fears.

I'd like to hire Ms. Sharif to write my life story. Perhaps. . .she already did!

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