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Daughter's commentary on Spirited Away (2002)

Review Copyright "Daughter", 2002

My Rating System:

    :-D - great flick, I'd see it again!!
    :-) - pretty good
    :-l - ehhh...
    :-P - it stinks!!
    >:-( - avoid at all costs, you have been warned.


Chihiro, a little girl, accidentally stumbles into a new world when her family takes an unplanned detour into what appears to be an abandoned theme park.

Hayao Miyazaki, wrote, animated, and directed this and Princess Mononoke. These are two films that Disney should be studying to learn how to make innovative stories again, devoid of pop culture pandering.

I gotta say, I love Princess Mononoke ... I have it on DVD. Loving it so much was why I went 20 miles out of my way to see this film (in one of only two indy theaters in my area playing it). If you haven't seen Princess Mononoke, please check it out. It is, in my opinion, the best environmental film to date, because it doesn't pick sides. It doesn't stand on a soapbox and say "Messing with nature is bad."

Okay, moving on...This is about Spirited Away and I gotta say...I loved the former film more than the latter.

Yes, this film was full of creatures one could only dream about (I actually used to have a recurring dream about creatures that were similar to the "gods" in this), but there was an underlying theme of love that made me a little uncomfortable because it was between a prepubescent girl and a teen aged boy.

But the style and imagination, creations one could only execute in the world of animation, were amazing... For that alone, I would recommend this film. I don't know where Miyazaki gets this from. The beauty of one scene in particular, of Chihiro running through a flower garden is absolutely stunning.

I also liked that the main character had to use her mind, work ethic, and perserverence to get through the challenges presented throughout the film. Those are good morals for the little ones to take away from this.

This film is a little long at just over 2 hours long and the soothing soundtrack could put some folks to sleep, but I do recommend it as an alternative to Harry Potter ... If you can find it.

I am giving this film a :-) for its beauty and creativity.

"Either Chihiro should have been older or her boyfriend should have been younger..."

@)~~~ Daughter

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