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Leonard Johnson's commentary on Ghost Ship (2002)

Review Copyright Leonard Johnson, 2002


In a Nutshell:
A tragedy occurred on a luxurious ocean liner in 1963. The ship has gone missing for 40 years. A well-equipped, and overworked salvage team enters into an agreement to recover the vessel and share in the profits.

They find the ship and as quickly find themselves caught up in mysterious happenings. The crew is forced to make choices when they discover that the ship contains riches beyond their wildest dreams just they also find out that it is sinking. Should they risk trying to recover the wealth or leave?

My Spin:
The intro scene showing the ocean liner tragedy was well done. It brought to mind a scene from Resident Evil, but this was handled much better.

While the story had a few "Closed Captioning for the Thought Impaired" scenes, it still kept me interested in the characters and the turn of events.

The brotha (Isaiah Washington) played his part well. He stuck with "Brotha Logic" (Why are we doing this? Let's just call the Coast Guard and get the hell outta Dodge!) almost to the end.

All in all, it is a good, solid horror flick. Nothing fancy. No dangers of any of the folks involved in its' shooting being nominated by the Motion Picture Academy. Just a simple story simply told.

Nice twist at the end. Not original, but nice.

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