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The Diva's review of
I Spy (2002)


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Viewed at Pacific Place
Rated PG-13; running time of 96 minutes
Genre: Action/Comedy
Written by: Marianne Wibberley & Cormac Wibberley and David Ronn & Jay Scherick
Directed by: Betty Thomas
Cast: Eddie Murphy, Owen Wilson, Famke Janssen, Malcolm McDowell, Gary Cole


The Digest

Alexander Scott (Owen Wilson) is the Rodney Dangerfield of the U.S. secret spies through no real fault of his own. He main competition is a super spy named Carlos (Gary Cole) who gets all the good spy toys while Scott is left to try to save the world with Radio Shack knock off toys that barely work. It is no wonder he fails most of his missions. Well he has been given a chance for redemption. The only problem is he has to do it with a new partner, Kelly Robinson (Eddie Murphy).

Kelly Robinson is rude, loud, obnoxious, egotistical, and brash. The operation is close to being compromised on several occasions because of his behavior, but with out him, Scott can not make contact with arms dealer Gundars (Malcolm McDowell) . If Scott doesn't make contact with Gundars, he will not be able to retrieve the billion dollar jet that has been stolen and is now in Gundars possession. But the bigger problem is will Kelly and Scott be able to stop fighting long enough to re-secure the jet?

The Dish

Oh boy. I so wanted to like this movie. I even laughed a few times. But, it really just ended up being too disappointing to me. It was painful watching Eddie Murphy play his stock loud-mouthed and self-centered character and it was even more painful to watch a grown black man constantly being duped like he was a 3 year-old. I walked away with a bad taste in my mouth.

But where does the blame lie? Was it Eddie's choice to characterize Kelly like that, or is that how the character was written? Were he and Owen Wilson adlibbing or were they playing it as written? I'm not sure were the blame should lie but nonetheless someone has to pay for what made it on to the screen. I barely remember the television show that I caught in re-runs so I don't know I this movie was true to it, but from what I do remember, the television show seem to be more sophisticated than what was presented to us in this movie.

The Directive

You might as well just skip this one altogether unless you spend less than 4 dollars.
Flashing Red

I Spied with my little eye a turkey of a movie.

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