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The Diva's review of
Maid in Manhattan (2002)


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Viewed at Pacific Place
Rated PG-13; running time of 95 minutes
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Written by: SKevin Wade
Directed by: Wayne Wang
Cast: Jennifer Lopez, Ralph Fiennes, Tyler Posey, Marissa Matrone, Natasha Richardson, Stanley Tucci, Bob Hoskins


The Digest

Marisa Ventura (Jennifer Lopez) is a single mom of precocious little Ty (Tyler Posey) she supports them by working as a maid at the "oo-la-la" Beresford Hotel in Manhattan. She keeps her nose clean and does everything by the book. She has even aspired to move into a management position that just opened up and this is totally unheard for a maid. She risks this possible promotion when she is talked into trying a $5,000.00 Dolce suit that belongs to one of the guests.

Big deal except that her son has managed to meet New York's most eligible bachelor, Senate hopeful Christopher Marshall (Ralph Fiennes). Ty has been invited to go dog walking with Mr. Marshall and brings him to mom, not knowing that mom is wearing those clothes. Marshall takes one look at her and is instantly intrigued. He invites her to go on the walk with him, not knowing how to say "no" Marisa takes on the persona of the guest that is actually staying in that room and sneaks off with him.

Marisa, doesn't count on Christopher wanting to get to know her better and tries to avoid him - which is next to impossible when she is responsible for his room.

Should she just follow her heart, which would mean confessing that she is the maid and not the guest? Or should she just keep trying to avoid him until he leaves the hotel? Either way disaster looms ahead, can she pick up the pieces when it's all said and done?

The Dish

Gimme a break. What a piece of Ka-ka. Okay, I'll admit that the very fact that La Lopez was able to convincingly pull off being appalled at the price a suit and the per plate price for a fund-raiser is enough to win her an Oscar. Hell I think I'll campaign for her myself on those merits. And the little boy who played her son was absolutely adorable, this too, I'll admit. But everything else concerning this picture? BAH!

It would have been nice if the audience had been treated to some originality. Wishful thinking I guess. But you know what the truth of the matter is? No matter what critics say, myself included, this movie is going to do well. My audience was filled with J.Lo adoring fans under the age of 20. They will drive this movie this weekend thus a hit will be born.

A hit even though the plot was recycled from countless movies. Even though every single character was a parody of a stereotype. It was just a waste of my time and energy.

The Directive

While I'm sure this advice will fall on deaf ears, I do encourage you to keep your Christmas shopping money and wait for the cable release.

Flashing Red

Combine Pretty Woman and Wedding Planner and you get Maid ... well except for the fact that J. Lo wasn't a 'Ho, like J. Ro/Mo was in Pretty Woman

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