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The Diva's review of
Swimfan (2002)


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Viewed at Regal's Kent 6
Rated PG-13; running time of 93 minutes
Genre: Teenaged Angst/Thriller
Written by: Charles Bohl and Phillip Schneider
Directed by: John Polson
Cast:Jesse Bradford, Erika Christensen, Shiri Appleby, Dan Hedaya,Kate Burton,Clayne Crawford,Jason Ritter


The Digest

Although he was a drug addict and in a Juvenile home by age 15, Ben Cronin (Jesse Bradford) has turned his life around and now in his senior year of high school, he has an adoring girlfriend, a devoted mother, and a chance at a full swimming scholarship to Stanford. Everything seems to be going perfectly until he hooks up with the "New Girl" - Madison Bell (Erika Christensen).

Unable to keep "Mr. Winky" in his pants, Ben cheats on his girlfriend, Amy (Shiri Appleby), with Madison in brief (and TACKY) tryst in the pool. Ben hopes this is just a "hit it and quit it." then he and Madison can pretend it never happened. Ben can go back to being the model teenager and Madison can go where ever. What Ben doesn't count on is that Madison is as crazy as a betsy bug and she has no intention of letting go, even if it means ruining Ben's entire future and life in the process or even killing anyone who gets in her way. If she can't have him no one else can and if he doesn't love her, she is going to make him - or he'll regret it.

The Dish

My husband called this a cross between Dawson's Creek and Fatal Attraction. I just called it Fatal Creek - only it wasn't as smart as Fatal Attraction, nor was it as suspenseful. This movie was quirky (for lack of a better word) - in my opinion, the director and editor thought it would be "WAY COOL" to try out a few things they learned in film school. Like showing a character say the same thing, 3 different ways and show all 3 different shots and to steal from Hitchcock by moving objects in for a close -up. One of the most annoying things for me was how the actress playing Madison chose to to let the audience know when she was about to snap. She would snap her head in a robotic fashion and channel Gloria Swanson's character Norma Desmond from the movie Sunset Boulevard.

I have to point out that I was a little disappointed to see the token black character fitting the stereotype of a smart-mouthed and neck rolling sista.

Beyond that, it was your standard teen fair - nothing very exciting or interesting for the adults. A lot of eye rolling from this adult until she remembered that she would have been sucked into this movie when she was that age.

The Directive

This probably won't be of any interest to those of you under 21 unless you are at home watching it on television and can't find your remote control.

Take a life jacket.

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