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The Diva's review of
Trapped (2002)


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Viewed at Lewis and Clark Theaters
Rated R; running time of 99 minutes
Genre: Thriller
Written by: Greg Iles
Directed by:Luis Mandoki
Cast: Charlize Theron, Stuart Townsend, Kevin Bacon, Courtney Love, Pruitt Taylor Vince


The Digest

Will Jennings (Stuart Townsend) has an idyllic life with his beautiful wife Karen (Charlize Theron) and adorable daughter Abby (Dakota Fanning) the only problem is that he is never home. Dr. Jennings is on the lecture circuit promoting a drug he developed that causes instant paralysis, but he vows that this is his last lecture and after that he will be taking his family on a vacation. Family couldn't be happier for the 10 minutes it takes them to get into the house and settle down after Dr. Jennings leave for his conference. It is within these 10 minutes that little Abby is snatched and held for ransom.

The kidnappers, Joe Hickey (Kevin Bacon), Cheryl Hickey (Courtney Love), and Marvin Pool (Pruitt Taylor Vince) boast that they've done this 4 times before and no one gets hurt and it all works out for the better, but what the didn't count on is that Karen is not going to take this laying down and neither is Will. No sir, Karen and Will going to fight for their baby and they will give as good as they get. Can the save her without jeopardizing her safety?

The Dish

Ppbbbbttt!!! I should have been on the edge of my seat. I should have been cheering for the parents and wishing a pox on the bad guys, but instead, I sat there drooling - in my sleep. Okay, I wasn't quite asleep, but I wanted to be. No one "wowed" me (Courtney Love's hair wowed me, but not in a good way). I'm sure everyone put in 110%, but it didn't look that way from where I was sitting. It looked like somewhere along the line, they realized that they bringing a Lifetime Channel movie of the week to the big screen -well no one slept with her husband, so it was almost a Lifetime Channel movie of the week - and were disappointed.

Trapped was below mediocre and quite frankly, a waste of this viewers time. I actually had an attitude because I was there instead of doing my laundry. That's too bad because there was a lot of potential for that movie and it failed to live up to it.

The Directive

You know, in a year or so, they'll dub the "F-word" out and show it on NBC. You might want to wait until then.
Flashing Red

I felt trapped and with no obvious escape for the entire 100 minutes.

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