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Cass' review of
Bad Boys II


Bad Boys II (2003)
Rated R; running time 146 minutes
Genre: Action/Comedy/Drama
Written by: Ron Shelton, Jerry Stahl, Cormac Wibberley and Marianne Wibberley
Directed by: Michael Bay
Cast: Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Gabrielle Union, Jordi Molla, Joe Pantoliano, Peter Stormare, Theresa Randle, John Salley

Review Copyright Cassandra Henry, 2003

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"We ride together. We die together. Bad boys for life." -- Mike Lowrey

CASS' CLIP (WARNING: **spoilers below**)
Cuban drug lord, Hector "Johnny" Tapia (Jordi Molla), and Russian mobster, Alexei (Peter Stormare) are in the business of making sure that Miami Beach club-goers never come down from their ecstasy induced high. It's all about supply and demand and Johnny knows that every little blue pill popped by these wannabe trendy yuppies means Cha-Ching.

It's up to narcotics detectives, Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence), to find out whose flooding Miami with the designer ecstasy and put a stop to the influx. We first meet Mike and Marcus Burnett working undercover [and under white sheets of course] at a Ku Klux Klan rally, because it's believed that these rednecks are involved in either smuggling the drugs and/or money between Miami and Cuba. Also working undercover is Marcus' little sister, DEA Agent Sydney Burnett (Gabrielle Union). When a sting operation goes bad, involving ruthless Rastafarians, Syd blows her cover when Marcus and Mike get caught up in the mayhem.

But these lifelong friends have a dysfunctional relationship. Marcus is the family man, while Mike is a rich playboy, who's a bit of a hot dog when it comes to nabbing the bad guys. Marcus' stress level is at an all time high and he has grown tired of Mike's antics. The only thing Marcus wants now is a transfer. To make matters worse, Syd and Mike are secretly romantically involved, and when Marcus finds out, they know da shyt is gonna hit da fan.

Will Marcus' transfer be approved before he and Mike kill each other? Can these bad boyz work out their differences in time to save Syd? And, how many more buddy cop (substitute any ethnic group here), drug lord/kingpin, or kidnapped mother/sister/wife movies must movie-goers be forced to watch?

DA 411
I must admit that I enjoyed the 1995 Bad Boys because of the on-screen chemistry between Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. I also have to admit that when I heard that producer Jerry Bruckheimer, director Michael Bay, and Will and Martin were reuniting to do Bad Boys II, I said, "Hell, yeah, the Bad Boyz of summer are back to kick some box office ass!" The only thing that stopped me from seeing the number one movie and contributing my $5.00 to the approximate $47 million earned opening weekend was a bad case of acid-reflux (which I think was due to all the excitement and anticipation).

I saw Bad Boys II on a Monday night, and it was showing in three sold out theaters. Before the movie even started, I eavesdropped on conversations and heard audience members saying, "Dat damn Martin Lawrence iz soooo crazee, I cain't wait ta see him acta fool," or, "Will Smith is one fine brotha. Jada betta watch her back, because if Will gets a taste of some of dis, I'll be da next Mrs. Smith." [That sistah was definitely TRIPPIN'!]. When I walked out of the theater, I knew that Black folks would flock to the theater to see Bad Boys II like fried chicken being the main course at a Baptist Church picnic. I asked 59-year-old Charles F. what he thought about the movie and he said, "Bad Boys II is the best Black action movie I've ever seen because of the fight sequences, car chases, and realistic plot."

Awwww shucks, I must have seen Bad Boys II through a slightly different rose-colored perspective. What didn't work for me was Martin's stand-up comedy routine (inserted in as dialogue) in between too many car chases and explosions. Honestly, it was as if the director said, "Martin, since we didn't include any dialogue in the script for you, just improv wherever and whenever you want and we'll follow your lead." But, Lawrence didn't even deliver the funniest line in the movie. It was Pantoliano who said, "I got the police commissioner so far up my ass, if he spits it comes out my mouth." The profanity, overt jokes about race, homosexuality, and implied references about the drug lord's chubby daughter's weight, were insensitive and monotonous.

If I nitpicked about everything that was so bad about Bad Boys II, from the opening nightclub montage to the climatic conclusion of a Hummer plowing through a shantytown, then I would have to say that BB2 is just Dumb and Dumberer with guns -- monotonous action sequences substituted with physical comedy, and fart jokes replaced with unnecessary explosions. On the other hand, since I cut Charlie's Angels 2 some slack, then I better do the same for Bad Boys II. I'll simply say that Will Smith and Martin Lawrence did exactly what they were paid to do -- sell movie tickets. The rest of the cast members are pawns shuffled around so Will and Martin could do their thang.

If you've seen A Man Apart, The Matrix Reloaded, Terminator 3, or 2 Fast and 2 Furious, then you've seen enough car chases and special effects to last you through the summer. I don't know what was more unfunny -- flying corpses being decapitated during yet another freeway car chase, two rats doing the nasty, or Will and Martin intimidating his 15-year-old daughter's date at the door when he tries to pick her up for a date. At the two-hour mark, I was done, but at 2+ hours, I was pissed. I think I should stop here, because I feel myself not nitpicking some more.

At least they got the title right, because these 2 boyz are bad, but not the good kinda bad.


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Copyright Cassandra Henry, 2003

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