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Cass' review of
Deliver Us From Eva


Deliver Us From Eva (2003)
Rated R; running time 105 minutes
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Written by: Gary Hardwick, James Iver Mattson and B.E. Brauner
Directed by: Gary Hardwick
Cast: Gabrielle Union, LL Cool J, Duane Martin, Mel Jackson, Essence Atkins, Robinne Lee, Meagan Good, Kim Whitley, Dartanyan Edmonds, Jazsmin Lewis, Nicole Lyn

Review Copyright Cassandra Henry, 2003

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"Eva has an electrified fence around her heart." -- LL Cool J

CASS' CLIP (WARNING: **spoilers below**)
When Eva Dandridge (Gabrielle Union) was 18 years old, her parents were killed in an automobile accident. After their death, Eva felt it was her responsibility to raise her three younger sisters, Kareenah (Essence Atkins), Bethany (Robinne Lee), and Jacqui (Meagan Good). Because of their parent's untimely death, the four Dandridge sisters are practically inseparable. Somewhere along the way, Eva began believing because she made certain sacrifices to put her sisters through college and saw to it that they continued to live in the style they were accustomed to living, that she also has the right to meddle in their personal lives. During their upbringing, Eva made sure her sisters remained focused and committed to their education or career goals. Eva is statistically well versed on any topic, and like a fully loaded machine gun, she fires out advice on everything from the number of unsuccessful marriages to why couples shouldn't cohabitate before marriage. The Dandridge Sisters' reputations are legendary in their community not only because they're smart but because these sistahs are FINE!

Any man who snagged a Dandridge sister was considered a lucky man. Well, that is until Eva steps into the picture. For years, brother-in-laws, Tim (Mel Jackson), and Darryl (Dartanyan Edmonds) and brother-in-law to be, Mike (Duane Martin), have endured hearing their wives or girlfriend tell them, "Eva said this" or "Eva said that." They're sick of Eva showing up at their homes unannounced, especially when they are trying to be intimate. Quite frankly, Eva is an uncompromising straight-up Bitch. [What Eva needs is to get laid]. Her unannounced visits and uncalled for condescending rants, have taken its toll on the brothas and she has worked on their last nerves. The brother-in-laws know that in order for them to get their women back and deprogram them from Eva's mind control, they must to get rid of Eva.

Their method of attack is to get Eva a man, but not just any man, especially since she has a reputation for driving a brotha crazy. Ray's (LL Cool J) platinum Playa card makes him qualified for the job. Ray's assignment, if he chooses to take the assignment, is to make Eva fall in love with him, then dump her without any warning and finally leave town without a trace. So what makes Ray and Eva compatible? Eva is a dreaded restaurant health inspector for the City of Los Angeles, and Ray delivers meat to restaurants. Initially, Ray declines their offer until he sees Eva browbeat an unsuspecting owner about the unsanitary conditions and code violations in his restaurant. Ray's fee for his professional services, $5,000, and $300 for expenses.

Will these brothers get what they paid for? Will the Dandridge sisters ever make their own decisions without feeling guilty or intimidated by Eva? Annnnd, can Ray tame this shrew, or will Eva's razor-sharp tongue slice off a piece of Ray's manhood and send him whimpering back to the fellas with his playa's card revoked?

DA 411
Okay, let me get this out of the way. If this review comes across as conflicted its because I was torn between almost liking this movie and not liking it. I was looking forward to seeing Deliver Us From Eva for two reasons: (1) it's a Black movie; and (2) I had already seen my quota of white romantic comedies - e.g., Sweet Home Alabama, Two Weeks Notice, Maid in Manhattan - and thank Gawd I passed on How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Just Married and A Guy Thing.

Director Gary Hardwick tries to deliver up another black romantic comedy, similar to that of his first movie, The Brothers, except this time the brothers are the Dandridge sisters. Deliver Us From Eva is a modern day love story, set in an urban environment. The fellas hang out at the proverbial nightclub, while the sistahs discuss their issues about men at the beauty salon (or like we called it back in my day, the hairdressers).

I'm a big Gabrielle Union fan, and she is definitely the leading lady in her role as Eva. But don't let her beauty fool ya because her poisonous tongue will leave any potential male suitor paralyzed if they approach her with a weak ass rap. The only man carrying the antidote to block the sting of her statistical tirades is the leading man, LL Cool J, who oozes charisma. I enjoyed seeing the two of them together on the big screen. The other cast members were merely there as part of the background helping move another predictable storyline along.

I strongly believe that black filmmakers need our support to ensure that more black movies hit the big screen. Therefore, I will continue seeing black movies - good, bad or indifferent - not simply to increase the numbers of black moviegoers, but in hopes of seeing original stories told from a black perspective and not recycled white scripts with black actors just thrown in.

The only thing different about Deliver Us From Eva and the movies mentioned above is that all the actors are Black. However, they somehow end up in a recycled, made for TV, white sitcom.


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Copyright Cassandra Henry, 2003

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