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The Diva's review of
Casa de los Babys (2003)


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Casa De Los Babys Rated R; running time of 95 minutes
Genre: Drama
Written by: John Sayles
Directed by: John Sayles
Cast: Daryl Hannah, Marcia Gay Harden, Mary Steenburgen, Rita Moreno, Lili Taylor, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Susan Lynch, Pedro Armendariz Jr., Vanessa Martinez


The Digest

Casa de Los Babys is the nickname of the hotel that houses foreign women who have traveled to Mexico to adopt babies."Casa" is run by Seņora Muņoz (Rita Morena) and the women are at her whim, they just don't know it. She has an "in" with the attorney who handles the adoptions and she lets him know if they should make the mother wait longer so they can financially bleed her or if she not worth holding on to anymore. Currently there are six would-be mothers and they are a motley crew.

  • Gayle (Mary Steenburgen) who strives to keep everyone happy yet harbors a secret - she's a recovering alcoholic.
  • Elieen (Susan Lynch) - she is determined to adopt a child even though she is so cash poor that she skips meals.
  • Leslie - A lesbian (Lili Taylor) who is bound and determined to raise a disciplined, yet independent child.
  • Nan (Marcia Gay Harden)- A loud, rude, prejudiced , the insecure rich wife (Maggie Gyllenhaal), the troubled physiotherapist (Daryl Hannah).
  • Aside from the ladies in the motel, there are several other people walking in and about, as well as, crossing their paths. Most significantly is a young maid who gave up her child for adoption and a young man who wants to go to America at any cost.

    Each person has their own issues to deal with can they work through before becoming the mother that these children deserve?

    The Dish

    Whatever. I can't even believe I wrote that last sentence because I basically pulled it out of my ass. This movie doesn't even really attempt to answer that question. Or any question for that matter. It's basically a montage of characters that are never developed and most are introduced for no apparent reason.

    I really enjoyed the first 30 minutes of this movie but after that it pretty much sucked. Character after character paraded before us without any real rhyme or reason became a bit too much.

    I don't have any issue with the acting, I felt they did the best the could with what they were given. The problem is that what they were given didn't amount to much. This is one of those films that require analyzing and discussion. I can deal with not being spoon fed the entire movie, but give me something to work with.

    The Directive

    You really have to be into Sayles to appreciate this one.


    I was crying like a baby - due to boredom

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