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The Diva's review of
Dreamcatcher (2003)


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Viewed at Loew's Factoria
Rated R; running time of 135 minutes
Genre: Horror
Written by: William Goldman and Lawrence Kasdan, based on the novel by Stephen King
Directed by: Lawrence Kasdan
Cast: Morgan Freeman, Thomas Jane, Jason Lee, Damian Lewis, Tom Sizemore, Timothy Olyphant, Donnie Wahlberg


The Digest

30 something's Jonesy (Damian Lewis), Beaver (Jason Lee), Peter (Timothy Olyphant), and Henry (Thomas Jane) have been friends forever and share few interesting things. For one, they share s special friendship with a mentally challenged man named Dudditz and they all have special powers. They can read minds; see into the memories of anyone; they can communicate with one another telepathically and Peter can find anything just by thinking about it. All gifts from Dudditz for saving him from some bullies when they were all around 12 years old.

The 4 of them have gathered in Maine for their annual winter hunting retreat. Jonesy is on the mend from a being hit by a car, but other than that, everything is the same ole same - or as they like to say - S.S.D.D (Same Shit, Different Day). This quickly changes when they notice all the animals fleeing the forest and shortly thereafter allow a lost stranger into their cabin. It seems that this stranger has been infected by something and whatever it is has the government quarantining the entire town.

Whatever these strange being is, it is drawn to Jonesy and it is up to his friends to figure out why and save him something they can only do with the help of good old Dudditz assuming they can break the quarantine. If not, the whole planet is doomed.

The Dish

@#$%^@. This movie pissed me off enough to throw popcorn at the screen. It was a flippin waste of my time. And DAMN Stephen King for regurgitating yet another one of his stories. The only thing new was the monster. Again a group of friends who must come together to defeat a monster. Again the most defining moment of their lives was something horrible or magical that happened when they were 12. Again one of the friends is still as immature as he was at 12. Again the meet somewhere every year to discuss "the event". Again Again AGAIN. Come up with something new already. I didn't read Dreamcatcher and now I'm glad that I didn't. Any before anyone gets his or her boxers in a bunch - you know what I'm saying is true. You also know that folks take a big chance adapting a King novel for the screen. You have to be a very skilled writer to do that. Most of his books need to be made for T.V. Mini Series' because you just can't cut his books down to fit into a 2-hour movie. You end up with a mess. Hell you end up with Dreamcatcher. Dreamcatcher wanders around aimlessly making no sense whatsoever. You never know why the monster is there or why it has chosen a frozen ass tundra like Maine in the winter and further what is up with its ass exploding pet? We don't know where Dudditz got his powers or how he was able to pass them on. The super rushed ending (which is typical of his books, unfortunately) leaves the viewer confused and let down or pissed. I felt like I had sat through the previous 90 minutes of drek only to have the ending hurried and nothing cleared up. I was starving and hoping for a turkey dinner and all I got was half a giblet. It's criminal. If it weren't for gems like The Green Mile, The Shining, Shawshank Redemption or Misery I'd swear off Stephen King movies altogether.

I can't even talk about Morgan Freeman. I think I'll burst into tears if I allow myself to remember his role. Donnie Wahlberg once again surprised me with his ability to look like a skinny crackhead.

The Directive

Seriously wait until it's on TBS


It should have caught a spot on the video store shelf instead of the theater marquee

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