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The Diva's review of
Phone Booth (2003)


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Viewed at Pacific Place
Rated R; running time of 80 minutes
Genre: Action/Crime/Drama
Written by: Larry Cohen
Directed by: Joel Schumacher
Cast: Colin Ferrell, Forest Whitaker, Katie Holmes, Radha Mitchell


The Digest

Stuart Shepard Colin Ferrell) is a slick and slimy publicist who makes his living by telling lies. He lies to his clients; lies to business owners to get free stuff; lies to his wife, Kelly (Radha Mitchell) and lies to his girlfriend, Pam (Katie Holmes). All this comes to a halt one hot day when he gets a phone call.

Stu goes to the same phone booth at the same time everyday to tell some lies. He takes off his wedding ring and calls his girlfriend he then makes arrangements to meet her. As soon as he hangs up the phone it ring and a menacing voice comes in on the other end. This voice tells Stu that he is a liar and a skank and he must atone for his behavior or he will die. Stu hangs up not believing him until the guy calls back and starts telling Stu personal information about his life - stuff only Stu should know. Now the voice has Stu's attention. If Stu leaves, he will kill him as he has a high-powered rifle trained on him. If Stu hangs up, he dies. If Stu calls the police, he dies. If Stu doesn't come clean to his wife and girlfriend he dies. If Stu tells anyone who he is speaking to, he dies. If Stu doesn't make all of those people trying to use the phone go away - they die.

Sounds easy enough until a group of prostitutes get pissed because they can't use the phone and gets their pimp to get involved. Stu is unable to get the guy to leave and so the voice kills the pimp. At this point the police are called in and want Stu to give up. How can Stu save his on life with out breaking any of the rules? How can he convince the police that he did not kill that pimp when he can't hang up the phone and he can't leave the booth? Stu has to put his faith in a very intuitive police Captain (Forest Whitaker) and pray that the Captain figures everything out before they all end up dead.

The Dish

Hot Damn! To day that I was on the edge of my seat does this movie no justice. My heart was racing and pounding. I was starting to get hot because my body temperature was rising. When the movie was over and I reached for my cell phone to call my husband - I changed my mind. I was too creeped out use my phone and this from "Ms.5000 anytime minutes." I was completely engrossed and pulled in. I felt like there was a gun trained on me. As sweat poured down Stu's face, I reached for my face to make sure that I wasn't sweating like a pig, myself. Although I never managed to write a review of it, I loved Tigerland and have been a fan of Colin's work for quite sometime (I have issues with how he handles himself in public, but I think he is a wonderful actor.) At first I was cheering for The Voice because Stu was a complete jerk, but within in the blink of an eye, I'm on Stu's side trying to help him get signals to the police - hoping and praying that they'll get it and save him. Yet, it was amazing watching him selfishly try to hold on to his life as it is knowing that holding on could mean death for those dearest to him.

I must say how much I really like Forest Whitaker. He seems to be such a gentle spirit and soft-spoken. All of character have this quiet anger bubbling below the surface, but you some how know that it will take A LOT to bring to the surface and even if he does explode it's not the explosion itself that gets you, but the fact that he lost his temper in the first place. Watch him in Panic Room, Deacons for Defense, and Ghost Dog to see what I mean. But the real star of this movie is The Voice. Other critics are divulging who that is, but I feel that will take away from the movie. For me I listened more intently to what he was saying because I was trying to place the voice and when I found out, I was in shock and it added to my enjoyment of the movie.

Katie Homes and Radha Mitchell don't really add much to the movie. I found myself being upset with their characters for being stuck on stupid for different reasons. Kelly for being an airhead and not giving the police pertinent information until it's almost too late and Pam for not figuring out that Stu is married when it's so flippin' obvious. My other complaint is the representation of a black woman in this movie. The one black woman in the whole movie and she is just plain disgusting. That pissed me off. I cringed every single time she opened her mouth.

The Directive

Fast paced and exciting. A must see.


Keeps the audience connected to every exciting moment.

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