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Leonard Johnson's commentary on Spirit Lost (1996)

Review Copyright Leonard Johnson, 2003


The Pitch
A loving professional Black couple decide that a change of lifestyle is needed. The successful wife, Wilhemina (Regina Taylor) sells her business so that her husband, John (Leon) can elevate his desire to paint from a hobby to a fulltime career. She also hopes that the new scenery will make them create a family.

The Swing
They purchase an old house on the Carolina coast and set out to help John build a career. And hopefully, help give Wilhemina a baby.

John has some difficulty getting started with his art, but quickly realizes that there is more to this house than just a place to set up his easel. It is haunted by a beautiful slave woman (Cynda Williams). And she wants him.

The Triple Play
Can he resist the charms of this temptress? Can his wife survive him falling for this apparition? And last, but not least, is making love to a ghost really adultery?

The Score
This BET production offers an oft-told tale, but it is delivered with decent acting and a straightforward script. The cast was unusually small, but effective. Each character was refreshing and unique and devoid of racial stereotypes.

While there is an element of cerebral denseness required to progress the story, it is forgivable. Although the husband offers an explanation, the speed with which he gets busy with what he knows is a ghost stretched belief almost to the breaking point. The slowness with which the wife senses her husband's descent into madness stretched patience almost to the breaking point.

Despite these problems, this video is well worth adding to any serious Black cinema collection.

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