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RMS's commentary on The Gospel

Review Copyright RMS, 2005

The Gospel

The Gospel (2005)
Directed and Written by: Rob Hardy
Stars: Boris Kodjoe, Clifton Powell, Nona Gaye, Idris Elba, Aloma Wright, Donnie McClurkin,
Omar Gooding, Tamyra Gray, Hezekiah Walker and Keisha Knight Pullman
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The Gospel is the story of the a R& Bsinger who returns to his gospel roots after his father, who is a church Bishop takes ill. The cast is wonderful and attractive. The music is good. The characters do not incite the passion that the music invokes and, therefore, you are never emotionally attached to any one character in this film. The film plays like a long music promotional video.

The script does not develop an indepth relationship with any of the characters and never gives the audience a reason to believe any of these characters:

  • What makes Bishop so beloved that the community or congregation supports him and desires to keep the church open while preserving his legacy?
  • Was the good Bishop out with a women doing "church business" or was his business legitimate?
  • Where is the passion and the fire between the son and his love interest?
  • What is it about her character that made her so "special" that he would chose her from throng of women chasing him (especially in a church setting)?
    A great film can display passion without a sexual encounter. Many questions go answered but the film's heartfelt purpose is prominent and the film deserves credit for well-deserved intentions.

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