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The Diva's review of
Just Friends (2005)


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Just Friends Rated PG; running time of 1 hour and 30 minutes
Genre :Comedy
Written by: Adam Davis br> Directed by: Roger Kumble
Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Amy Smart, Chris Klein, Anna Farris br>


The Digest

It’s 1995 and best friends since kindergarten, Chris (Ryan Reynolds) and Jamie (Amy Smart) have just graduated from High School. Both Chris and Jamie are stereotypes of a different nature. Jamie is the pretty , yet cool cheerleader. Chris, also a cheerleader, is overweight with braces. Chris’ only friends are Jamie and too ultra smart geeks. It would seem that because of Jamie, Chris has been safe from open ridicule. Not that people don’t talk about him, they just don’t do it very blatantly until there is a yearbook mix up. Chris has finally gotten the courage to tell Jamie that he lovers her, but he does it as a note in her senior yearbook. The same yearbook that the school joke gets a hold of and begins reading to everyone at the graduation party. Jamie gently tells him that she loves him too, but just as friends. Chris not being able to handle the humiliation, storms off, swearing to show everyone that he isn’t a loser.

Fast forward to 2005 and Chris is about 100 pounds lighter and a womanizing record company exec. He has never gotten over been relegated to the “friend zone” in Jamie’s life and as such he won’t let anyone get close to him. He loves them and leaves them, but he is never “in love” with them. It’s all about getting the woman and scoring. He is happy to have left his previous life behind and has no desire to ever go back. All that changes when he is tasked with securing a singer for his label. That singer would be Samantha Jones (Anna Farris ). She is the next “it” girl like Britney spears, just a little older and nuts. And Chris happened to sleep with her once. Forced to baby-sit Sam and all her craziness, is driving Chris insane, but nothing compares to her managing to force their plane to make an emergency landing in his hometown.

Now Chris must come face to face with his past –Jamie. Unfortunately she is still the same sweet girl he left in the dust which makes it very difficult for him to dog her out as he has come accustomed to doing to the women in his life. Complicating matters is his younger brother who is obnoxious, but has the hots for Sam and another outcast from high school who was also in love with Jamie, but now he has cleaned up and is cute and quite charming.

Chris has a lot of obstacles to overcome, most of all himself. Can he do it an convince Jamie to love him more than just a friend?

The Dish

If someone were to ask me what kind of comedies I like, I couldn’t tell them. I look at my history and see which comedies I loved and which ones I hated and it would seem that this movie should have landed in the “I hated it” list., yet as Anna Farris got whacky and Ryan Reynolds got more flustered, I laughed even harder. Initially, I was a bit concerned by how they would present Chris as a fat person. I worried that half the movie would be “let’s pick on the fat guy” but it wasn’t. I don’t know why I liked this damn movie, all I know is I was cracking up the entire time.

I think I can say that I’m apparently a Ryan Reynolds fan because he really makes me giggle. He even made me laugh in Blade Trinity. I think it’s his facial expressions and his meltdowns. I feel the same way about Tom Hanks of the 80s. Understand I’m not suggesting that Reynolds is the next Hanks. I putting forth that I react the same way to their comedic acting styles. Anna Farris is fearless. She will do just about anything in the name of comedy and while she doesn’t always hit the mark, I can appreciate the effort.

The Directive

One stupid mishap after another, but worth checking out .

Yellow light

Just relax and just laugh.

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