Classic Media

Release Date -- September 26, 2006
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Created by: Chester Gould
Distributor: Classic Media
Genre: Animated
Voices of: Everett Sloan, Paul Frees, Mel Blanc
Runtime: 645 minutes

On September 26th, to celebrate Dick Tracy's 75th Anniversary, Classic Media will release a 4-disc set with a limited edition Dick Tracy comic book on pack. It will be the first time ever that the entire, animated series will be offered on DVD. This classic cartoon's dashing title character worked with his incidental crew of deputies to send notorious cartoon villains to lock up. Dick's dastardly foes include a true Rogues Gallery of miscreants: Pruneface, a Nazi agent with a severely sun-damaged face; Mumbles, a singing conman with the inability to speak coherently; and Flattop, a half-witted assassin with a flat, misshapen skull. And who could ever forget Tracy's beloved, Tess Trueheart? Could these crazy kids ever make things work?

The Adventures of Dick Tracy originally aired on TV from 1961 - 1964, with local personalities introducing the cartoons. The voice of Dick Tracy was performed by character actor Everett Sloan, with other notable characters being voiced by the likes of Paul Frees, also known as the voice of Boris Badanov from the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons, and Mel Blanc, of Bugs Bunny fame.

The Legendary Creator:
The creator of Dick Tracy, Chester Gould, arrived in Chicago with the dream of becoming a published cartoonist. After ten years of submitting ideas to the Chicago Tribune, Dick Tracy was picked up and first published in the Detroit Mirror in 1931, followed by the New York Daily News and finally the Chicago Tribune. Tracy later found his voice and animated features when the cartoon aired in 1961.

The suave gumshoe was more than just a popular cartoon; it was Gould's creative outlet that contained imaginative predecessors to real-life police tactics and equipment. Gould created the Closed Circuit TV Police Showup in 1953, real suspect lineups began in 1954; his Electronic Telephone Number Pickup was drawn in 1954, the Caller ID was patented in 1982; and the most interesting of all of Gould's inventions was the Magnetic Space Coupe which took Tracy to the moon in 1962, seven years before the first actual moon landing in 1969.

About Classic Media:
Classic Media owns and manages some of the world’s most recognizable family properties across all media including feature film, television, home video and consumer products. The company’s extensive library features a diverse collection of popular animated and live-action characters such as: Casper the Friendly Ghost, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, The Lone Ranger, Lassie, Underdog and Rocky & Bullwinkle.