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Email...we get email...lots of it. And though we appreciate (and respond to) all of it, some of the feedback we get on our reviews is particularly thought-provoking, and deserves a wide audience. To that end, we've included links to some of our favorite reader comments at the bottom of some of our 3BC reviews, where applicable. Be sure to check out the 3BC Movie Reviews archives for a list of reviews that include reader commentary.

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Reader Feedback - by Cris Williamson
(WARNING: DEFINITE spoilers below; you might want to wait till you've seen the movie first)

Let me just vent here for a second. I read the 3BC review of The Visit. I thought it was a very good review in that it made me want to really see the movie. In the review it was mentioned that there was "something"" that connects some of the characters together in an unexpected way. That was a week ago.

Well, I happened to be cruisin' another website and saw a review for The Visit and the headline mentioned that the convict is dying of AIDS. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Why did they have to go there with such a huge spoiler?!? I promise you that if I had read that review first I would have assumed it was just a sappy, get things straight before I die type of movie and probably would dismiss it until it came on cable. How is it that you can write such an informative review without revealing that kind of spoiler and another critic/reviewer relies heavily on the spoiler?

I am probably not helping myself because I didn't not even finish reading that review. I was just really disappointed in them revealing such a huge piece of information. You are probably going to say, "that's what I get for straying away from 3BC." I just may have learned a lesson.

[Bams' response: Thanks for the feedback on my review. I can't speak for the other reviewer, except to say that it's hard sometimes to achieve the right balance between saying too little (which leaves the reader wondering what the movie is about) and saying too much (which spoils the reader). I've struggled with that balance myself, and usually err on the side of saying too little (in "The Story", that is; I'm known for my over-long reviews, otherwise). I think that in that reviewer's case, he/she didn't see the necessity of hiding the fact that Alex had AIDS, because it wasn't crucial to the story. I thought it was important enough to hint at instead of stating it outright. And so it goes. And as for any "I told you so!", nah; I read other critics, too, after I've posted my say. Nothin' wrong with getting a second opinion. I'm not always right, y'know...]

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