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About Last Night (2014) Reviewed By Jay

United States, 21 August 2013


Jay´s Review

Are you old enough to remember the 1986 version with Demi Moore and Rob Lowe? I am. It's a story as old as time: We watch two couples make their way from the bar to the bedroom and then come face to face with the real world.

Director Steve Pink ("Grosse Pointe Blank" and "High Fidelity") clearly understands the dynamics of the dating game. He knows how important it is to have sympathetic characters, even though they sometimes misbehave.

Here is the updated cast:

  • * Kevin Hart ("Ride Along") has the old Jim Belushi role of Bernie, the guy who is absolutely determined to limit his dating to one-night stands. I don't remember Belushi being this funny!
  • * Regina Hall ("The Best Man Holiday") in the old Elizabeth Perkins role, is Joan, Bernie's erstwhile one-night stand. This gal can give as good as she gets and this couple's verbal timing is amazing. What a team!
  • * Michael Ealy ("Last Vegas") is our new Danny, formerly played by Rob Lowe, who discovers that all he really wants is a home...and maybe a dog. He is a genuinely nice man with all the right instincts.
  • * Joy Bryant ("Parenthood") is Debbie, formerly played by Demi Moore; Bryant owns this role, with a sweet likability and generous appeal.
  • * Christopher McDonald (Lots of TV) is Casey, the friendly owner of the faltering neighborhood bar where our folks hang out.

This R-rated comedy (raunchy language and sexual situations) is laugh-out-loud funny and much, much wittier than the original. The dialogue is so rapid-fire I found myself reaching for my remote: ("What was that?" "What did he say?"), so I'll probably buy the DVD, because I know I missed some great lines.

I was one of the people who blurted out with laughter in one scene when I realized that they were watching the 1986 original on TV; I recognized it right away. The younger folks in the screening audience had no idea what we were laughing about. ...sigh...

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