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American Assassin (2017) Reviewed by Jay

United States, 15 September 2017


Jay´s Review

Vince Flynn wrote a novel about counterterrorism; now it has been adapted into a screenplay. Director Michael Cuesta ("Homeland" and "Blue Bloods") brings us a fast-paced R-rated thriller that will make action fans very happy. (A second Mitch Rappstory has been optioned.)


Part of Cuesta's cast:


  • * Dylan O'Brien ("The Maze Runner") Mitch Rapp has had plenty of personal losses to drive him into counterterrorism. He has become a highly motivated assassin. He is smart, capable, and supremely full of himself. But he needs an Anger Management course.
  • * Sanaa Latham ("Shots Fired") Irene Kennedy sees his potential and recruits him for her black ops team.
  • * David Suchet ("Hercule Poirot") Director Stansfield is not happy with Irene's choice.
  • * Michael Keaton ("The Founder") Black Ops trainer Stan Hurley has one goal, take our guy down a peg so he can refine those skills. "Don't make it personal!" Well..two goals, he also would like to quit smoking.
  • * Scott Adkins ("Doctor Strange") Victor is the first teammate Mitch tangles with. Neither will ever forget it.
  • * Shiva Negar (LOTS of TV) CIA operative Annika has been embedded for years. She says "We're gonna get those suckers!" (She doesn't say "suckers.")
  • * Taylor Kitsch ("The Grand Seduction") Ronnie is Stan's failure. Maybe it IS personal after all.
One of the things I like about Action films is the music. The bad guys are always accompanied by ominous music. Also, foreign cities seem like an open book to our characters. They are never lost and know where all the hidey holes can be found. Of course, we always suspend disbelief.
By the way, this is REALLY R-rated! Brace yourself for lots of profanity, fisticuffs, gunplay, HUGE blowie uppie stuff, a bit of nudity and endless gruesome torture. You know, all the things that keep Action fans happy. At risk of a spoiler, I will say that our screening audience left with big smiles on our faces.
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Watch the trailer:
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