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Jobs (2013) Reviewed By Jay

United States, 26 July 2013


Jay´s Review

(The original title was "jOBS.") This bio-pic details the corporate life of Steve Jobs, the legendary entrepreneur who founded the Apple conglomerate. The more we scrutinize his life, the more we love him AND hate him.

We see:

  • * Ashton Kutcher ("New Year's Eve") as Steve Jobs, college dropout, social misfit, brilliant strategist and ruthless businessman. This doesn't gloss over his personal failings or his intractability; it does touch on his lack of personal hygiene...smile...
  • * Dermot Mulroney ("Jolene") is Mike Markkula, the first venture capitalist to take a chance on Jobs (please see my review of "Something Ventured).
  • * Josh Gad ("Love and Other Drugs") is Steve Wozniak, one of the original garage gang who shared Jobs' dream. His departure is wrenching.
  • * Lukas Haas ("Lincoln" and he was the little Amish boy in "Witness") is Daniel Kottke, the long-time friend who did drugs with Jobs during their Reed College days and went to India with him.
  • * Matthew Modine ("The Dark Knight Rises") is John Sculley, recruited by Jobs to bring a friendly face into the board room.
  • * John Getz ("Blood Simple") is Paul, Steve's father, whose garage workroom they used to build their first 500 circuit boards.
  • * J.K. Simmons ("The Words") one of Hollywood's premier utility players, portrays Arthur Rock, the practical rock in the path of our impractical protagonist.

This is rated PG-13, so you can expect mild profanity and some drug use; but be prepared for a LOT of corporate shenanigans and power plays as Jobs is fired by his own hand-picked board. This does NOT probe into his foray into movie making (i.e. Pixar), his health problems, nor his marital situation. What DO we see is a brilliant, complex man portrayed by an actor who surprised me in every frame

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