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Magic Mike XXL (2015) Reviewed By Jay

United States, 04 April 2014


Jay´s Review

Yes! It's them! Don't tell me you haven't been watching for the opening date. Like every sequel, this one is bigger (solo numbers), harder (core), and waaay over the top. It has something for everyone and a body for everybody; you have to see it to believe it. The R rating is richly deserved although I hasten to add there are NO sweaty bodies, no gunshots, no vehicular mayhem, and no blowie uppie stuff, but there are F bombs by the score and some VERY suggestive (but terrific!) choreography.

It's three years after the first "Magic Mike," and some of our heroes' lives have changed drastically. Dallas has gone to seek his fortune on foreign shores and Mike is in the furniture business, while the rest of the Kings of Tampa toil on with diminishing returns. They decide to have one last blowout at a Male Entertainer's (Male Strippers) Convention in Myrtle Beach, Florida so they recruit Mike to leave his two-man business for awhile. Director Gregory Jacobs borrowed the final scene from his own "Oceans..." sequel. You might recognize it.

Each returning cast member is spotlighted separately:
  • * Channing Tatum ("MM") Mike Lane just has to dance and his routines are eye-popping
  • * Matt Bomer ("MM") does his own singing in Ken's outrageous spotlight bit.
  • * Joe Manganiello ("MM") You'll love Big Dick Richie's routine with the deadpan clerk.
  • * Adam Rodriguez ("MM") The mirror dance is amazing!
  • * Gabriel Iglesias ("MM") breaks out the sequins and a Carmen Miranda hat.
  • * Kevin Nash ("MM") Tarzan uses glue and glitter for his surprise.
  • * Donald Glover ("Community") Andre provides the vocals for an impressive routine.
  • * Jada Pinkett Smith ("Madagascar") Rome has her own business now but Mike asks her to serve as their MC.
  • * Michael Strahan ("Live with Kelly and Michael") Augustus does an amazing routine at Rome's social club. He's an Adonis!
  • * Andie MacDowell ("Cedar Cove") Nancy invites Big Dick to a "Hello Drink" and discovers out that he is both blessed and cursed.
In the interest of authenticity we saw more drag outfits this time and we actually have a smattering of a plot...again...so just get over it!

Our (mostly female) audience was audibly happy; personally, I would have welcomed even more dancing (and fewer F bombs).

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