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Miracles From Heaven (2016) Reviewed By Jay

United States, 25 December 2015


Jay´s Review

Into every cloud, a bit of sunshine peeks. We certainly see that as we watch a little girl diagnosed with a rare (and fatal) digestive disorder when she suffers a shocking accident and Voila! there is that bit of sunshine. This is in the trailers, so it isn't a spoiler.

Real-life mother Christy Beam wrote a book that relates her struggle when her daughter experienced those twin events. Screenwriter Randy Brown ("Trouble With the Curve") adapted it for award-winning director Patricia Riggen ("33" and "Under the Same Moon" - a GREAT movie, by the way!).

Here is part of the cast:

  • * Jennifer Garner ("Draft Day") Christy Beam feels her Christian faith falter when troubles seem to pile up on her and her family. She has the courage of her convictions though and doesn't back down. She's a pretty tough cookie.
  • * Kylie Rogers ("Fathers and Daughters") Little Anna just can't seem to catch a break...until she does.... But HER faith never falters but despair is a natural reaction.
  • * Martin Henderson (Lots of TV) Husband Kevin provides as much support as he possibly can, until his credit cards are declined. He's a veterinarian, so the medical side of Anna's condition is immediately clear to him..plus he cleans up his daughter's vomit. The man's a saint!
  • * Brighton Sharbino (Lots of TV) Abby can only watch the drama unfold around her and try to accommodate the changes that swamp her parents and her sisters.
  • * Queen Latifah (Lots of TV) Angela is exactly where she needs to be (Boston) when she needs to be there...(when Christy is at the end of her rope). Her presence (and her outfits) bring a much-needed lift to our struggling heroines.
  • * Eugenio Derbez ("Instructions Not Included") Dr. Nurko is a renowned children's doctor in Boston. The children love him and it's clear that he cares about every child. He can only tell it like he sees it...to Christy's bewildered ears!
  • * John Carroll Lynch ("Hot Pursuit") Pastor Scott has a pleasant church with contemporary music (guitars) and services. He DOES ask the TV people to "Don't forget to put something in the collection plate when it comes around!"

A freak accident can sometimes seem like a miracle, which is something not explainable by natural law. Dr. Nurko can't explain it at his Boston office, nor can Pastor Scott in their Texas church. Bottom line? We have just what the doctor ordered: a three-hanky feel-good PG family film. The actresses who play the mother and the daughter, Garner and Rogers, are outstanding, as are Derbez as the pediatrician and Latifah as their new Boston friend. With roles so nicely portrayed AND a charming series of clips of the REAL Beam family during the final credits...this is an involving and satisfying film.

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