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The Hitman's Bodyguard (2017) Reviewed by Jay

United States, 11 August 2017


Jay´s Review

Two of my all-time favorites in one movie! It doesn't get much better than this. A top-rated bodyguard has just been hired to protect a witness for the prosecution at The International Court of Justice. Let's see them try to set aside their BIG differences for as long as it takes.


Director Patrick Hughes ("The Expendables 3") working from a script by Tom O'Connor ("Fire With Fire") brings us a hilarious R-rated actioner that clocks in at just under 2 hours.


Here is part of Hughes' cast:


  • * Samuel L. Jackson ("The Legend of Tarzan") Darius Kincaid is a notorious hitman who does NOT respect his new protector! "Keep me out of harm's way? I AM harm's way!"
  • * Dijarn Campbell (in his first film) is the young Darius in flashbacks.
  • * Ryan Reynolds ("Deadpool") Michael Bryce has successfully protected a wide variety of clients, but this time, he isn't happy either!
  • * Gary Oldman ("The Space Between Us") Vladislav Dukhovich is determined to fix things before it's too late. Including that witness.
  • * Salma Hayek ("Beatriz at Dinner") is hilarious as Sonia Kincaid, a wife no one can take for granted!
  • * Elodie Yung ("The Defenders") Amelia is an Interpol agent who has seen Michael at his best, and at his worst, 
This is an International Court, so of course we have Asians, Russians, even Englishmen, each striving for his or her own brand of Justice.


This action-packed and cleverly edited thriller features all kinds of vehicular mayhem, countless gunshots, endless fisticuffs and non-stop profanity (it IS Samuel L. Jackson), even some blowie uppie stuff. Our screening audience applauded and made a noisy exit...always a good sign! Miss this one and it's on YOU!
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Check out this trailer:
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