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Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017) Reviewed by Jay

Jay´s Review

Inspired by billboards spotted during a cross-country trip over 17 years ago, Writer/director Martin McDonagh ("In Bruges") realized he wanted to explore the sort of rage that must have inspired them. It took him over a decade to develop this script about unintended consequences.

In this Oscar winner's darkly comic story, a woman is frustrated by the local sheriff's ineffectual investigation of her daughter's rape and murder, so she rents three billboards to make a public statement. This is unpredictable, so watch closely!

McDonagh's cast:

* Frances McDormand ("Hail, Caesar!") Mildred is determined to light a fire under Sheriff Willoughby. Her daughter's murderer should NOT be allowed to live free while she is held captive by her bitterness.

* Woody Harrelson ("The Glass Castle") Beloved Sheriff Willoughby is annoyed by Mildred's persistence and tries to reassure her that he is doing his best.

* Sam Rockwell ("Moon") Dixon is his own worst enemy.

* Zeljko Ivanek ("Suits") This desk sergeant is having trouble keeping the peace in the sheriff's office. People just barge in and start yelling.

* Clarke Peters (I remember him best from "The Wire") What a relief when calm, intelligent Abercrombie finally comes on the scene!

* John Hawkes ("The Sessions") Charlie has what he thinks he wants, a sweet young lover and a stress-free life.

* Peter Dinklage ("Game of Thrones") James is just doing his job.

* Amanda Warren ("This is Us") Denise may have to pay a price for being Mildred's friend.

It is so satisfying to watch two of the finest actors in Hollywood (McDormand and Rockwell) do what they do best, convince us that the people they portray are living breathing human beings. On the other hand, Ebbing, Missouri is fictitious

Because this is R-rated, expect explosive violence and profanity, but understand that that you will not only see towering rages, but tiny kindnesses. Our screening audience was uniformly impressed.

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