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Ant-Man (2015) Reviewed By Jay

United States, 04 April 2014


Jay´s Review

There is no end to Marvel Comics' characters. This PG-13 actioner is unique in a very special way and its crossover plan is firmly in place by the final (final, final) curtain. Of course the movie consists of a steady stream of special effects, hung on a fairly flimsy story punctuated by Daddy Issues, but I LIKE Paul Rudd, and the "Avengers" link is fun. (You have to watch for it, I'm not telling...smile...)

Director Peyton Reed (Lots of TV) has all he needs to make a blockbuster. To my delight he focused much of our attention on the humor to be found in Lang's "support" team.

The cast:

  • * Paul Rudd ("Parks and Recreation") Con-man Scott Lang becomes Ant-Man in an unusual way...well, maybe not for a Marvel character...but... His first official job as Ant-Man is to burgle Tony Stark's warehouse. I liked the back story about his crime that landed him in prison in the first place.
  • * Michael Douglas ("Beyond the Candelabra") Dr. Hank Pym is either evil or brilliant depending on how his Ant-Man suit is used. He still grieves the loss of his wife and fears for his daughter's future.
  • * Evangeline Lilly ("The Hobbit") Hope van Dyne seems to be confronting her father with her choice of profession.
  • * Corey Stoll ("The Good Lie") Darren Cross is a former colleague of Dr. Pym's. His creation, Yellowjacket is a villain to (try to) avoid!
  • * Michael Peña ("The Martian") Peña almost steals this movie. To me, Luis is the most consistently funny character on the screen and Director Reed uses him extremely well.
  • * T.I. ("Get Hard") Dave is one of Lang's accomplices. He too, is very funny as a would-be thief and Luis wouldn't be as funny without Dave to help: "back up...back up...back up..."
  • * Judy Greer ("Archer") Maggie Lang took her little girl Cassie and has moved on with her life after her husband went to prison.Cassie misses him, though.
  • * Bobby Cannavale ("Danny Collins") Paxton is a flummoxed cop determined to put Lang back in jail.
  • * Garrett Morris ("Two Broke Girls") This cabdriver doesn't have much to do, but I wanted to acknowledge Mr. Morris's very long, very productive career.

The Computer Generated Imaging is so overwhelming during the many action scenes, I was rarely sure what was going on; however, watch for the unique lip sync scenes when Luis relates what just happened. Even Stan Lee gets in on the act as a bartender! We always watch forhim!

Expect non-stop action, a chaste kiss and no F-bombs, but lots and lots of gunfire, fisticuffs and special effects. Whew! And remember, this is a Marvel movie, so wait for, not one, but TWO little teasers during and after the closing credits scroll.

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