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Keanu (2016) Reviewed By Jay

United States, 25 December 2015


Jay´s Review

Have you been tempted by the silly trailers?

Director Peter Atencio ("Key and Peele") is sticking with what he does best: comedy. This time it's R-rated (language, nudity and violence). Working with actor/writer Jordan Peele ("Key and Peele") and writer Alex Rubens ("Key and Peele" - are we seeing a pattern here?) our screening audience howled as we watched a pair of hapless cat lovers (cousins) try to retrieve a kidnapped (kittynapped?) kitten from a street gang by posing as drug dealers. This quickly turns into a profane, violent, and ultimately up-beat outing for Key and Peele.

We enjoyed:

  • * Jordan Peele ("Bob's Burgers") Rell Williams/Techtonic shows us a broken heart mended by the miraculous appearance of a darling little kitten who needs a home. The kitten is hiding out from a shootout between rival gangs. Rell's a photographer.
  • * Keegan-Michael Key ("Tomorrowland") Clarence Goobril/Shark Tank is way out of his comfort zone. His buddy Rell says he talks like Richard Pryor trying to sound like a white guy. Clarence is a buttoned-down nerd who can't seem to assert himself, even when his wife TELLS him to!
  • * Will Forte ("Nebraska") Hulka is Rell's next-door neighbor. He is a drug dealer.
  • * Tiffany Haddish ("The Carmichael Show") Hi-C is a pretty gal capable of unexpected violence. She is a gatekeeper for Cheddar.
  • * Method Man ("Trainwreck") Cheddar makes the rules. No one argues... particularly when his pet python is in the room.
  • * Darrell Britt-Gibson ("Californication") Trunk never expected to wait in a getaway car singing a George Michael tune. (Shark Tank convinced him that George Michael is black!)
  • * Luis Guzmán ("Code Black") Bacon usually goes with Cheddar (...smile...) but what he REALLY wants back in his palatial estate, is his sister's beloved kitten.

As you might expect, much of the acting credit goes to an unnamed actor, that irresistible CAT, working anonymously. I know. I looked, but because several tabbies played him, he remained nameless. By the way, the voice is provided by Keanu Reeves himself!

Watch for that kitty calendar in the final credits, it's brilliant!

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