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Norm of the North (2016) Reviewed By Jay

United States, 25 December 2015


Jay´s Review

With a script written by Daniel and Steven Altiere ("
") assisted by Malcolm T. Goldman in his first time out, director Trevor Wall ("
") has fashioned an 86-minute animated adventure for the kiddies.

  • * Norm (Rob Schneider) has come to question the motives of his new employer because he knows what boatloads of tourists and condo buyers will do to his land.
  • * Socrates (Bill Nighy) is old older, wiser seagull. He understands Norm's mission and offers council, sometimes wise, sometimes not so wise.
  • * Tamecia (Loretta Devine) has far too little screen time. This Oprah-style talk-show hostess isn't given enough to do.
  • * Vera (Heather Graham) works for Mr. Greene. In fact, this overworked assistant conducts auditions for a new spokesbear to represent Mr. Greene's corporation.
  • * Mr. Greene (Ken Jeong) is the epitome of greed. He is grasping, rude and selfish.


I feel this one is fairly harmless, but lame; even though it tries to teach children about saving the Arctic, the children in the audience didn't seem very enthused as they exited the theater. It is rated PG, so the audience can expect a couple of poop jokes, a fart joke or two, some NYC traffic mishaps and a bit of lemming activity. Sorta like Whack-a-Mole. ...sigh...

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