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Winter's Tale (2014) Reviewed By Jay

United States, 21 August 2013


Jay´s Review

At first blush I thought this would be an update of Shakespeare's classic play, but no such luck. This fantasy/romance spans almost a hundred years and explores undying love... plus two miracles....sigh...

We are in a mythic New York City watching a wildly romantic love story about a young man who, as an infant, had been left floating in the harbor because his parents were not allowed to enter the United States. Naturally the baby survived and we next meet him as a sweet-natured young man living by his wits on the streets. He is a thief and a con man.

Here's part of the cast:

  • * Colin Farrell ("Saving Mr. Banks") is our hero who falls in love while burglarizing a house. A lovely young woman is playing the piano and he is smitten on the spot. Farrell is always good!
  • * Matt Bomer ("Magic Mike") plays the unfortunate fellow rejected by Immigration. He is the father who sets his infant son afloat in the harbor, hoping he will find a better life.
  • * Jessica Brown Findlay ("Downton Abbey") brings us the piano-playing heiress who dies in our hero's arms after vowing undying love. This actress is a beauty!
  • * Russell Crowe ("Man of Steel") repulsed me because his character is evil incarnate!
  • * Jennifer Connelly ("The Dilemma") is a modern-day mother whose young daughter is critically ill.
  • * Eva Marie Saint ("North by Northwest") drew a murmur of affection from the screening audience when she appeared late in the film.
  • * There is a surprise guest, but I won't name names because that would be a spoiler.

I have mentioned before that I am lachrymose intolerant, so this weepy love story didn't move me like it did other members of the audience; although I DID like the white horse/guardian angel.

This is PG-13, so we have no sweaty bodies or profanity, but we DO have some devils with fangs and a beating or two.... I doubt if these would traumatize a young viewer. This is for a young adult audience, with good hearing! Much of the dialogue is whispered and murmured, so if you have any hearing problems, look for closed captions or wait for the DVD.

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