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The Diva's
"Cats and Dogs" Review


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Cats and Dogs (2001)
Viewed at Loews' Lewis and Clark Theaters
Rated PG; approximate running time of 101 minutes.
Directed by: Lawrence Guterman Written by: John Requa and Glenn Ficarra
Starring: Elizabeth Perkins, Jeff Goldblum, and Alexander Pollock
Starring the voice talents of: Alec Baldwin, Michael Clark Duncan, Sean Hayes, John Lovitz, Joe Pantoliano, Tobey Maguire, and Susan Sarandon
Genre: Animation/Family/Comedy


The Digest

The thin line that separates the position of cats and dogs in the world is in danger. Many centuries ago, Cats were man's best friends. Cats abused this power and before long, they were running things - not humans. Seeing this, Dogs banded together and put cats in their rightful place then they took over as Man's best friend. A position they have held ever since.

Cats have never forgotten this and have tried very hard to over throw the dogs. Each species has it's own elite unit of secret service agents. The dogs use their agents to thwart each attempt made by the cats, but the cats keep coming back and this time they may succeed.

Professor Brody (Jeff Goldblum), is this close to perfecting a formula that would cure dog allergies. The implications of this are phenomenal. No more would dogs be cast aside when their owners become allergic to them. The cats, lead by Mr. Tinkles (Sean Hayes), must not let this formula be made. It will give dogs the edge over them and this is unacceptable. A battle ensues between the two species over this formula. Whoever wins will change "petdom" forever.

The Dish

I really wasn't feeling this movie. We established along time ago that I just lack the skill to objectively watch kid flicks. I spend most of the time rolling my eyes. I pretty much did that during this movie. I was truly bored. Mr. Tinkles had me on the floor. That much I will admit. When he didn't have screen time, I was glancing at my watch. I wasn't even moved by the whole storyline of the lonely boy and lonely little puppy finding each other and becoming best friends. YAWN.

The little animatronic cats and dogs were cute. For the most part, it was a decent story. It just did nothing for me.

The Directive

Despite my misgivings, there aren't a lot of family movies out there so for that reason alone, you should probably pack up the kids and check it out.

This movie almost went to the dogs.

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