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The Diva's
"Kingdom Come" Review


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Kingdom Come (2001)
Viewed at Pacific Place Theater
Rated PG-13; approximate running time of 93 minutes
Directed by: Doug McHenry
Written by: David Bottrell and Jessie Jones
Starring: Whoppi Goldberg, Loretta Devine LL Cool J, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Vivica Fox, Anthony Anderson, Daruis McCray, Toni Braxton, and Cedric the Entertainer.
Genre: Comedy


The Digest

How do you plan a funeral for someone that nobody liked? Daddy Slocum has passed on and now the family must come together and deal pain he caused when he was alive. Bud Slocum was, as his wife Raynelle (Whoppi Goldberg) puts it, a mean and ornery old cuss. So much so, that's what she wants on his headstone; "Mean and Ornery" But before she can even think about dealing with headstone, she needs to deal with her kids.

Raybud (LL Cool J), is a hard working man trying his best to support his much adored wife, Lucille (Vivica Fox). Yet everyday is a struggle for Raybud, he is a recovering alcoholic, for one. He has to deal with the lack of love from his father, and he had his wife are unable to obtain the one thing they want the most in life, their own child. After several miscarriages, they've given up. On top of all of that, it looks like he is the only one financially able to make sure that Daddy Slocum has a decent funeral because once again his brother Junior is broke.

Junior (Anthony Anderson) can't seem to win for losing. He is married to loud mouth Charisse (Jada Pinkett-Smith) and the father of 3 boys. Charisse is a ghetto shrew. She never lets him forget that she was the catch, not him, and she could have been married to his very rich cousin (or brother it's never really clear). When she's no reminding him of all of his failures, she's belittling him. But she is nothing compared to Aunt Marguerite (Loretta Devine).

Aunt Marguerite is a Christian woman, she reads the bible everyday and leads a Christian life, except for the fact that she is verbally abusive to her son Royce (Darius McCray). She fears that he will wind up in jail like his brother. Well she never misses an opportunity to call him some form of Satan. It's no wonder the other son is in jail.

It's enough to wear you out and Raynelle is worn out. Can she keep her family together or must she just watch everything fall apart around her/

The Dish

This was an interesting movie. But, honestly, it wasn't as good as I had hoped. Some of the acting was mediocre, at best and there were quite a few hole in the plot. I think the main problem maybe the difficulty of converting a play to a movie. There are lots of things you can get away with in a play that you can not in a movie. For example, if you introduce a character in a play that will not be on stage, you give as much explanation as possible so he audience doesn't get confused. They failed to do this in the movie. There were 2 major characters in the movie that were never shown, but were constantly talked about. It left too many loose ends.

I thought Whoopi was great. Her character reminded me of Celie. She just kind of sat there and let everyone tear up everything around her, but she was a voice of reason and wisdom when she felt it was needed. Loretta Devine , Toni Braxton and Vivica Fox were also very good. Especially Toni for her first screen role. She has potential.

Jada Pinkett-Smith's character really got on my nerves. I couldn't deal with the constant screeching. L.L. gave it a good shot and for the most part, he was pretty decent. I honestly think that the problems I have with movie would all be solved with a script re-write.

The Directive

Even though it's not the greatest movie, it's better than a whole lot that's currently out there and we need to support our small films.

flashing yellow
I hope some new writing comes with the kingdom.

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