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The Diva's
"The Ladies Man" Review


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The Ladies Man (2000)
Rated R; approximate running time of 84 minutes
Directed by: Reginald Hudlin
Written by: Tim Meadows,Dennis McNicholas, and Andrew Steele
Starring: Tim Meadows, Karyn Parsons, Billy Dee Williams, Lee Evans, Will Ferrell
Genre: Comedy


The Digest

Leon Phelps, (Tim Meadows) the self proclaimed "Ladies Man", spent his youth in the lap of luxury. Left on the door step of the playboy mansion, he was raised by all of the bunnies and enjoyed a close relationship with the man of the house. Leon found himself on the streets when he broke the rules and slept with someone the man was in love with.

Now on his own, he survives the only way he knows how - using women. He endears himself to Lester ( Williams) the owner of a local bar. It is at Lester's bar that Leon meets Julia (Karyn Parsons). Julia is a jilted bride and has come to the bar to drown her sorrows. Leon tries to pick her up and fails, but he makes her laugh. Julia is also a radio producer and feels that the world could benefit from Leon's advice. Thus a radio show is born.

Leon's radio show is very popular. His advice usually boils down to "do it in the butt", but the people of Chicago love him or love to hate him. After one too many FCC violations, Leon is kicked of the air, Julia with him, and they must find another gig.

In the midst of all of this, Leon is still sleeping with all kinds of women. He gets caught, once again, sleeping with somebody's wife as he runs out naked the husband sees a tattoo on his butt, a happy face that says "Have a nice day". He soon finds out that there is a support group of husbands who have all caught Leon with their wives. They vow to kill him.

So. Leon is unemployed and running from angry husbands AND looking for a mysterious rich lady who wants to be his sugar mama. How is going to get out of this mess?

The Dish

Y'all know me and you know what I have to say. What are the people of SNL thinking? Not every skit deserves to be a feature length film. The Ladies Man is funny for about 10 minutes, every couple of months. It is NOT funny for 90 minutes. I laughed the hardest at a trailer for "Double Take". That's a shame, a trailer made me laugh harder than the entire movie. And yes, I "get it". I did not take his attitude towards women seriously. I think the skit on SNL is hilarious and love to watch it, but this was just stupid.

On the plus side, it was nice seeing Billy Dee Williams and Karyn Parsons. Karyn Parsons played Hillary Banks on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air". Hillary is one of my all time favorite characters.

The Directive

I really advise against going to see this mess. Wait for the video.

The Digression

Somebody mail me and tell me if Amish people are allowed to watch movies. For the THIRD time I've seen Amish people at the movies. This time it was during "The Ladies Man." I swear. Now it could be that these are some folks that are playing a practical joke, but I'm certainly not uncouth enough to go up to them ask. Let's assume they can go to the movies, why not something rated "G". Each time it's been rated "R" movies and it's been 2 different couples each time. *AND* it's been in different parts of the city each time. I'm totally trying to track this down. Are there Amish sects in the state of Washington?

Come on folks help me out. Can you imagine such a mind game? Sending Amish folks to see "The Ladies Man"?


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