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The Diva's
"Outside Providence" Review

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Outside Providence(1999)
Viewed at Renton 8 Theater
Rated R; running time of 90 minutes.
Directed by: Michael Corrente
Written by: Peter Farrelly & Michael Corrente & Bobby Farrelly
Starring: Shawn Hatosy, Alec Baldwin, Amy Smart, Jon Abrahams, George Wendt
Genre: Comedy/Drama


The Digest .

Timothy Dunphy, is enjoying his summer before starting his Senior year in high school. When he is not taking his paralyzed little brother "Jackie" on his paper route, he hanging out with his friends getting high and drunk. This continues until, while stoned, he runs his car into a parked police car. A friend of his father's pulls some strings and gets him enrolled in a hoity toity private school in Connecticut to keep him out of trouble.

Here it becomes a movie we've seen a dozen different times. He and the Head Master butt heads so he is constantly in trouble. He goes after the "grooviest" chick in school and gets her. The only group of kids that will accept him are the nerds and the dorks. He gives them the power to stand up for themselves.

The Dish

Blech! If I were a woman of few words, "blech" would be my entire review. Yes, this movie is by the same guys that brought us "There's Something About Mary"( a film that I can't get enough of) this film however doesn't even come close to "Mary" it dragged for what seemed like hours. The only thing that saved it was the soundtrack (70's Rock if you can dig it).

I guess to really enjoy this movie you had to either have grown up in the North East in the 70's or you would have had to know a bunch of pot-heads. The movie could be summed up thusly, " I need to smoke weed and drink day in and day out." If this floats your boat then this is the movie for you.

I thought this movie was going to center around a young boy from the wrong side of the tracks triumphing over the rich snobs at a private school. It was that kind of movie for about 5 minutes

Maybe it was a cultural thing. I couldn't understand a father that couldn't talk to his kids with out cursing at them. For one, he nicknamed Timothy, "Dildo" Two he wasn't talking to Timothy (Dildo) or Jackie unless he was calling them ass-bags or some such nonsense. It was pretty sad. Or maybe because I'm a woman I don't know what father/son bonding is like and this is normal. At any rate, I'm glad my tickets were free. Surprisingly, the only thing this movie didn't have was a subplot of him trying to have sex with the groovy chick. Imagine my surprise.

The Directive

Feel free to wait until it’s on cable.


I wish I had been outside of Providence instead of watching this mess.

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