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AAFCA 2006 Top 10

African-American Film Critics Association Selects "Dreamgirls" As Top Film of 2006

Spike Lee Recognized With Special Achievement Honors

Los Angeles, CA (December 18, 2006) - The African American Film Critics Association (AAFCA) has named "Dreamgirls" as the Top Film of 2006. The film also scored big in several other categories that include newcomer Jennifer Hudson in the Best Supporting Actress category, alongside veteran Eddie Murphy and director Bill Condon.

Forrest Whitaker was selected as Best Actor 2006 for his riveting performance in "The Last King of Scotland" and Helen Mirren earned Best Actress for her audacious portrayal of Queen Elizabeth in "The Queen". Our winners in the talent categories ran up against some very stiff competition this year," says AAFCA President Gil Robertson IV. However, in the end, Whitaker and Mirren's performances were undeniable."

The big screen adaptation of the stage hit "Dreamgirls" led the pack in overall awards with four wins. It's a film that has everything going for it, says AAFCA member and editor of Black Talent News, Tanya Kersey. "Dreamgirls" stands out as a reminder of what lavish studio productions can be - from rousing musical numbers (notably Hudson's show-stopping, heart-wrenching And I Am Telling You (I'm Not Going), to insatisatiable real-life trials and tribulations expressed through tour-de-force performances from a star studded ensemble. This film is perfectly poised to collect Oscar Gold this February."

AAFCA bestowed its Special Achievement Honors for 2006 to director Spike Lee, who enjoyed a career first 100 million dollar box office for "Inside Man," and for his well-received HBO documentary "When the Levees Broke". It was unanimous that given Spike Lee's zeal as a filmmaker, social activist and infotainer over the past twenty years he is more than deserving for special honor from our group," says AAFCA member Lee Bailey from EUR/Radioscope.

"The films selected for 2006 reflect an interesting combination of work that's both entertaining, but also address themes and issues of historic importance," says AAFCA Vice President, Wilson Morales. "This year's selections give a strong indication that the film community is becoming more committed to a wider diversity of stories that entertain and educate."

The African American Film Critics Association Awards for 2006 are as follows in order of distinction":

•Best Actor: Forrest Whitaker ("The Last King of Scotland")
•Best Actress: Helen Mirren ("The Queen")
•Best Supporting Actor: Eddie Murphy ("Dreamgirls")
•Best Supporting Actress: Jennifer Hudson ("Dreamgirls")
•Best Director: Bill Condon ("Dreamgirls")

Top 10

1. "Dreamgirls"
2. "The Last King of Scotland"
3. "The Departed"
4. "Akeelah & the Bee"
5. "Catch A Fire"
6. "Idlewild"
7. "Bobby"
8. "The Devil Wears Prada"
9. "Pursuit of Happyness"
10. "Inside Man"

The African American Film Critics Association (AACA) is the only organization of African American film media professionals. Founded in 2003, AAFCA's members represent a geographically diverse cross-section of media covering the cinematic arts. The organization honors excellent in cinema by creating awareness for films with universal appeal to black communities, while emphasizing film about the black experience, and those produced, written directed and starring performers of African descent. The association actively reviews the quality and standard of black talent, content and media coverage. AAFCA also supports the development of future black film critics and filmmakers. AAFCA is based in Los Angeles. For more information visit - www.aafca.com

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