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Pinky and the Brain

The Diva's review of
Pinky and the Brain Volume 2(2006)


Pinky and the brain Rated NR; 478 minutes (22 episodes at 22 minutes each)
Genre: Kids/Animation


The Digest (Official press release):

This December 5, just in time for holiday gift giving, Warner Home Video presents Pinky and The Brain Volume 2 on DVD for the first time. Fans can add 22 episodes from the Emmy® Award Winning series Pinky and the Brain as they attempt to take over the world in Pinky and The Brain Volume 2, a fun-filled four-disc collector's set. Each release is priced to own at $44.98 SRP. In Pinky and The Brain Volume 2, produced by Steven Spielberg, two lab mice (one a genius, the other insane) living in the Acme labs seek to formulate a plan for the duo, led by Brain, to take over the world. In each episode, Pinky and the Brain take on each attempt with a dry wit and humor and likely a parody of other media.

The Dish

I had forgotten how much I love this damn cartoon. A cartoon that never was for children, if you ask me. I laughed so hard watching these again, I almost hurt myself. I mean really, where are you going to get constant references to 70s and 80s pop culture that would fly over any child of the 90s head – like Pinky’s easy ready answer “Shields and Yarnell!”. Or the hilarious ever-suffering comments spoken by the Brain as Pinky thwarts his attempt at world domination – “Stop him before he speaks again.” That with visions of the current president, make me giggle. And the fact that President Bill Clinton pops up in the cartoon and defers to Hillary – cracks me up.



Number of Discs: 4

Episode Guide:

• Brain of the Future
• Brinky
• Hoop Schemes
•Leave it to Beavers/Cinebrainia
•Brain Noir
•Pinky and the Brain and… Larry/Where the Deer and the Mousealopes Play
•Brain’s Bogie/ Say What, Earth?
•My Feldmans, My Friends
•All you Need Is Narf/Pinky’s Plan
•This Old Mouse
•Brain Storm
•A Meticulous Analysis of History/Funny, You Don’t look Rhennish
•The Pinky Protocol
•Brain Drained
•Mice Don’t Dance
•Brain Acres
•Pinky and the Brainmaker/Calvin Brain
•Pinky Suavo/ T.H.E.Y
• The Real LIfe
•Brain’s Way
•A Pinky and the Brain Halloween
•Brainy Jack


The Directive


How can you not love nightly attempts of World Domination!.

3BC Ratings





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