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Snakes on a Plane DVD


The Diva's review of Snakes on the Plane DVD (2006)

Pirates 2

Rated R running time of 1 hours and 40 minutes minutes
Genre: Action/ Thriller
Written by: John Heffernan and Sebastian Gutierrez
Directed by: David R. Ellis
Cast: Samuel L. Jackson, Julianna Margulies, Nathan Phillips, Bobby Cannavale, Flex Alexander, Todd Louiso, Lin Shaye, Sunny Mabrey, Kenan Thompson,David Koechner, Rachel Blanchard, Elsa Pataky, Keith "Blackman" Dallas, Kevin McNulty, Bruce James, Emily Holmes, Taylor Kitsch, Byron Lawson, Terry Chen, Tygh Runyan, Casey Dubois, Daniel Hogarth, Gerard Plunkett, Mark Houghton, Tom Butler, Scott Nicholson, Darren Moore, Crystal Lowe


The Digest

FBI agent Neville Flynn (Samuel L. Jackson) is, tasked with bringing escort Sean Jones (Nathan Phillips) from Hawaii to Los Angeles. Sean witnessed the infamous gangster, Eddie Kim (Byron Lawson) brutally murder a D.A. So Neville is now trying to safely get Sean across the water so he can testify against Kim and end his reign of terror. And if anyone can make sure Sean is safe, it’s Neville. But his job might be a little difficult given the high profile passengers that he has kicked out of first class. Rapper Three G's (Flex Alexander) ; a germaphobe (did I just make up that word?)who doesn't like to be touched, and his two “boys” Troy (Kenan Thompson) and Big Leroy (Keith "Blackman" Dallas,); Mercedes and beloved dog Mary Kate. Aside from the first class passengers there are two young boys traveling alone; a mother and baby; a rude American hating Brit and some newlyweds.

But this is not all who is on South Pacific Air 121. Oh no. Can you guess what else is on the plane? Maybe some snakes? Not just any snakes. Oh no.. These snakes have been whipped into a frenzy by pheromones and they are now super aggressive and out for blood.

Saving Sean is not that hard for Neville, but now having to save over 100 people? Neville just might fail.

The Dish

In all my years as a film critic and film goer, I can’t remember anything like the hype generated by this film. I think it has caught us all by surprise. This is a B movie that by all rights is a big hunk of cheese. The beauty of SOAP was always that you know exactly what you’re getting. That is almost true.

As you might remember of my experience, there was a complete frenzy that met us at the theater. It was sold out by people wearing snakes; dressed as snakes; hissing like snakes. It was amazing And during the movie??? It was an interactive experience that comes closest to “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” “Horror” re-release of “Grease” are the only two interactive experiences I’ve had at the theater and this by far, was much more exciting and fun than those movies. It was liberating being able to talk to the screen , heckle, cheer, and hiss without getting kicked out or disturbing everyone. Never have I been in a situation where nearly 800 people say “motherf*cker” and no one bats an eyelash. Speaking of MF. The line in the movie that everyone recites, is NOT the best line in the movie, if you ask me. “Turn this big MFer left” made me holler.

So. The question becomes without audience participation, is it watchable? Yes. But the truth of the matter is that unless this is your type of movie, you have no business going. This movie is not made for general consumption. You are destined to dislike it if its not you’re thing so why waste your time and money?.

That said, we had our own audience participation by watching it as a family over the holidays. Of course the children were fast asleep when we watched it, but they tried their best to see it. They are part of his Mace Windu/ Frozone Fans and they do not understand that some of his movies are not appropriate for them.

We found the extras to be fun, interesting and informative. Everyone did an excellent job getting behind this film just as they did before the release. Its become on of my favorite DVDs. Not so much for the movie, but because of everything that was added and the fact that everyone obviously enjoyed themselves – this really sets the tone and allows the viewer to enjoy the movie with abandon.



Number of Discs: 1

Subtitles: English, Spanish
Languages: English DD2.0, DD5.1 & DTS 6.1 Surround


Special Features:
• Commentary from star Samuel L. Jackson and director David R. Ellis
• Deleted scenes with optional commentary from director David R. Ellis
• "Snakes on a Plane (Bring It)" – Cobra Starship with The Academy Is…, Gym Class Heroes, and The Sounds music video
• Gag reel
• "Pure Venom" – behind-the-scenes documentary
• "Snakes on a Blog" – featurette documenting the film's fan-based buzz
• "Meet the Reptiles" – featurette about the snakes featured in the film
• Snakes on a Plane VFX featurette
• Easter egg
• Teaser trailer
• Theatrical trailer: "Unleashed"
• Theatrical trailer: "Phobia"
• Five TV spots

The Directive


Go ahead, love the movie. It’sokay. .

3BC Ratings

yellow light


This is a well produced DVD and at the same time embraces its own campy hype. In the end, it's worth shelling out some duckets.


Copyright Kamal "The Diva" Larsuel-Ulbricht, 2006
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