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Happy Feet


The Diva's review of
Happy Feet (2006)


Happy Feet PG; running time of 1 hour and 45 minutes
Genre: Comedy/Animation
Written by: Warren Coleman, John Collee, George Miller, Judy Morris
Directed by: George Miller Cast : Robin Williams, Hugh Jackman, Elijah Wood, Nicole Kidman, Brittany Murphy, Hugo Weaving
U.S. Release Date: 11/7/06


The Digest

As expected, Antarctica is very cold, but this does not stop the much needed and like clockwork mating season of the Penguins. The female penguins lay their eggs then go off fishing while the fathers stay behind and care for the eggs. The fathers are tasked with keeping eggs warm and stable as the travel across the tundra. They must never ever drop the eggs.

Norma Jean (voice of Nicole Kidman) returns home to husband, Memphis (Hugh Jackman) and their baby – a baby they’ve named Mumble. Every penguin has a heart song. A song that they chose and once sung, their soul mate will have a complimentary song. Every penguin except for Mumble (Elijah Wood). Mumble can’t hold a tune, much to the dismay of the elders and his father. His father dropped him as an egg and blames himself for Mumble’s deficiency. What is this “deficiency” ? Mumble dances instead sings. And dances very well, but given that this isn’t viewed as normal and the feeling that he could never win the love of Gloria (Brittany Murphy), he leaves his fellow the emperor penguins.

During his travels he meets Ramon (Robin Williams) and his crew. They accept Mumble and his happy and soon they are the best of friends. But Mumble misses his family and with the help of Ramon, he is determined to win Gloria’s heart and the acceptance of his community.

The Dish

The minute the movie started and I found myself bobbing my head and tapping my feet, I knew I was in for a ride. But this movie ended up meaning more to me than I ever anticipated. To side track; My maternal grandmother was born in 1924 and being a black teenager in the 30s and 40s, it was not unusual that she took up dance, most specifically tap. Point being, that because of her, I’ve always had an appreciation for tap dancing. How can you not love “Tap”? Sammy Davis’ last movie with the late (I still have trouble saying that) Gregory Hines and a very young Savion Glover?. It is this appreciation that brought tears to my eyes as I watched that little penguin tapping his heart out and in my minds eye seeing the tribute that Savion presented to both Sammy and Gregory. I saw their signature moves incorporated into Mumble’s dancing. It warmed my heart to see this art form alive and well in the feet of Savion.

Okay, back on track. I’m sure you can tell that we adored this movie. We’ve had to see this movie several times and watch all the goodies on “On Demand”.All of the actors sang their own songs and did awesome jobs. The music with it’s heavy lean on R&B helps to move the story along. Well, the music and the natural force that is Robin Williams. By the way, Robin – this mother sarcastically thanks you for “snooty booty and kiss my tushy!”

I love that “Happy Feet” spends a lot of time teaching that it’s okay to be different/unique/special. That is one message I can express enough to my girls.

If I had one complaint, it would be the back story on overfishing the waters that is hurting the marine population. Not that I think children shouldn’t learn to conserve. I just think it was a bit heavy handed and went over my girls’ heads. They did not understand why the whales so desperately went after the penguins.


The Directive

The girls and I have had a good year. There have been many cartoons for us to see and they have thoroughly enjoyed themselves. As I mentioned, we’ve seen this several times and it’s rare that we pay to see a movie more than once in the theater.

3BC Ratings

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This movie makes me happy.
The Directive

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