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Sahara Rated PG-13 ; running time of 121 minutes
Genre: Action / Adventure
Written By: Thomas Dean Donnelly & Joshua Oppenheimer and John C. Richards and James V. Hart, based on the novel by Clive Cussler
Directed by: Breck Eisner
Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Steve Zahn, Penelope Cruz, Lambert Wilson, Glynn Turman, Delroy Lindo, William H. Macy


The Digest

Dirk Pitt (Matthew McConaughey) and Al Giordino (Steve Zahn), have been the best of friends since kindergarten So close are these two, they have followed each to college, the military and now they are treasure hunters working with archeological society.

When Dirk isn’t working for NUMA, he is trying to piece together a Civil War mystery. He believes that a Civil War iron boat that he believes to have made it across the Atlantic to Africa. He is not after riches, as nothing indicates that there is anything of value on it. This is just his obsession. While in Africa, he finds a clue that he believe proves that the iron boat did in fact make it all the way across the Atlantic and he is off to the African nation of Mali. Meanwhile Eva Rojas (Penelope Cruz) and her colleague Frank (Glynn Turman), doctors for the World Heath Organization, are tracking down this mysterious plague that is attacking the African people and moving fast through the population. Her desire to investigate this disease has inadvertently put her in harms way. And unbeknownst to her, someone wants her dead rather than let the truth about the plague get out.

She is headed to Mali as well so it only makes since that they all travel to Mali together then part ways. It soon becomes clear that Kazim (Lennie James) the evil Warlord is behind the attempts on Eva’s life and because Dirk gave Eva a ride into the country, he is now on the death list too. Dirk and Al must find Eva who is traveling the countryside. It’s two guys against and evil Warlord and his army and the wealthy industrialist (Lambert Wilson)who he has in his back pocket. Dirk and Al are going up against brute strength and money. Can they save Eva or will they die trying? .

The Dish

Oh Boy. I’m struggling with finding the words to describe this movie. It’s like a cross between “Indiana Jones” and “James Bond” and not a very good one. That said it was mildly entertaining and that is solely due to Steve Zahn. He stole the show and thank god for him, otherwise I might have been bored to death. Look, McConaughey is hot and that was pleasantly oozing off the screen, but even that wasn’t enough to save the movie. It’s strange because with the exception of Cruz and Lambert (who I didn’t like The Matrix series either) everyone did pretty well. I think the lack of onscreen chemistry between Cruz and McConaughey is what finally did this movie in. That and the not so action-ey action. (Yeah I just made a word up). So many movies have gone before this one that it had to pop on all cylinders. It didn’t. The cannon fight during the first 5 minutes was very cool, but everything else was “been there. done that.”

My other problem was the ‘evil plot”. It was less believable than some of outlandish James Bond evil plots. I mean really. I can’t say too much because I don’t want to ruin it for you, but I mean Come ON. When we finally learn what’s going on, I wanted to throw my shoe at the screen.

I did enjoy Delroy Lindo and William H. Macy’s brief appearences. It almost brought the film up a notch, but alas, their talent was wasted. Hmmm maybe they were wasted when they agreed to do the movie. I’m kidding! Anyway, since they clearly have set this up to be a franchise, we’ll see more of them in the sequel.

The Directive

The filmmaker’s clearly took great pains to make this a kid friendly movie. No cursing, no nudity, very little violence. If you have to see before it comes out on video, see a matinee. from critics. But you might just want to catch a matinee or wait for the DVD. This is definitely not worth your 10 bucks.

3BC Ratings

flashing red light

Sahara the movie is vast and blank just like the desert.

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