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The Diva's review of
Twisted (2004)

Against the Ropes Rated R; running time of 97 minutes
Genre: Thriller
Written by:Sarah Thorp
Directed by: Philip Kaufman
Cast: Ashley Judd, Samuel L. Jackson, Andy Garcia, David Strathairn, Russell Wong, Camryn Manheim


The Digest

After nabbing an elusive serial killer, Jessica Shepard is promoted to a homicide detective. Once she enters this particular squad she quickly finds out that it a tight knit boys club. She is resented because some feel that she got there on the merits of one case and others feel that as the adopted daughter of the police commissioner, John Mills (Samuel Jackson) she used her relationship with him to further her career. She can't when for losing. To further complicate her life, her father was a cop who snapped and turned into a serial killer himself. Not really able to face her past, she drinks herself into a stupor and wakes up to a homicide call. Once she gets there she finds that the victim is a former lover. Unsettling, but it becomes a problem when this happens a few more times.

Is Jessica killing all of these men? Is there a serial killer gene? Or is some sicko missing with her?

The Dish

Let me say this right now, I think that most of the actors involved gave their all. Even though I would have liked Mr. Jackson to have a larger part, truth be told. But that would not have been realistic. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the way he chose to play this character. For most of the movie he held back and was a bit reserved. He sat back and let Garcia and Judd chew up the scenery. Speaking of which - I love it when Andy Garcia gets all Latin on us and shows his fiery side, so I was really happy with that aspect. Judd didn't bring her "A" game. She never made me fully sympathize with her plight. Most of this can be attributed to the gaping holes in some aspects of the plot.

And that was the chief problem with this movie - plot holes. It's not a predictable movie (to me any way) but as things were unfolding, I found myself coming up with 5 second solutions to some of the more complex issues. Like how to figure out who isn't doing the killing. Beyond that I really had far too many questions. And a few of them I ceased to even care what the answer was.

I really think that a rewrite could have saved this movie from itself. It could have been a little tighter and sleeker and a tad bit more stylish. With that in mind it did manage to deliver a surprising whodunit. I certainly didn't know until the last 10 minutes.

The Directive

Worth checking out if you miss it in the theater, do make sure to rent it.


   The plot had holes, not twists.

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