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Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants Interview

3BlackChicks Review™... Sisterhood - The Interviews (The Diva)

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The Diva's interview with

the Stars of
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005)

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants hits theaters on June 1st but be forewarned, this movie is more about sisterhood than pants. Trust me on this. I went in completey jaded, I mean – what do I care about 4 teenagers sharing a pair of pants that they don’t wash? Boy was I surprised and that is exactly what Amber Tamblyn, who plays, Tibby, takes glee in, “I like the fact that this movie will be a shocker for most people They’ll expect something fluffy and sweet teen bopper movie. Which is fine. I’ve had lots of feedback like that – which is fine. People automatically want to make fun of it. I just give them a nice little smirk – “go see it and that talk to me afterwards” because I just don’t believe for the life of me that anyone could just blow this film off as fluff. Amber also elaborated on the importance of such a film for you women,” I generally just liked the entire essence of how they were treating women in the film and the fact that they were stereotyping young girls as the mostly do in teen films. And I think in a time where films about young women are underrepresented. I think it’s something that will become timeless.”

And she is right about it being timeless I walked away and still I can’t get those characters out of my mind. I have 3 best friends, too so this has struck a cord with me as well as the actresses, Amber agrees, ” When you find an everlasting kindred spirit that person will always be there with you no matter where you are physically. If you are away from them, as far as our friendship concerns. That’s a true testament. I’m my best friend lives in Santa Barbara and I don’t see her much at all, but when I do see her it like we were never apart.”

According to the stars of the film, Alexis Bledel (Gilmore Girls), Amber Tamblyn (Joan of Arcadia), America Ferrera (Real Women Have Curves), and Blake Lively, they all hit it off just like they were the best of friends And as Blake points out, “ On the finally audition, I went in there, America was in Ireland studying, but I went in there with Amber and Alexis and I had this bring crying scene talking about my mother’s suicide and I remember sitting there with my hair in my face and crying. And amber just reached over and pulled it back and put her arm around me and pulled me close to her. And I remember thinking, “Oh My gosh! That felt like my best friend!” and when I walked out I told my dad that I did as best I could, but it doesn’t even matter right now because I just made the most amazing connection with the other girls. We felt like close friends right away and at the end of it, America was inviting us to her family dinner. We all got along really well right from the beginning.

But aside from the personal relationships, this movie is about so much more, "It's about real people, real issues that people have dealt with over time. All these issues are timeless and they are not issues that just girls deal with. Men and women deal with these things," Lively said. Which made led to the obvious question,”What do you guys think about the obsession with weight and body image?” It's sad, you know, I mean, it's sad for them, just as much as it's sad for girls who aren't actresses, those complexes exist so heavily in our entire society. Girls who have nobody watching them, and it just much more speaks to the fact that it's not a physical illness, it's a mental illness, and it's a disease that starts when you're really young. It's a constant battle to have to remind yourself what's important, and that's not real, and I think I would be lying to say that stuff doesn't affect me, because I think it affects everybody. Yeah, I mean it's sad, and I just have to - for me, I just have to deal with the way I see myself, and just constantly remind myself that that's what's important, said Ferrera. Alexis, have you ever gone on an audtion where somebody told you to lose weight? “ Well the thing is, nobody ever says that, you know, in real life, nobody says you didn't get this part because you're not skinny enough, they just say oh –“, said Bledel I have to disagree, as other actresses have heard that. Alexis, continues, “Well okay, well it's never been said to my face. I've heard that from some people, but I mean, if anybody ever said that to me, and I was already like - I would just say no. [laughs] And I did it the whole time I was modeling, between the ages of fourteen and eighteen, when I knew that it was an important time as far as me getting comfortable with myself, and if people would say you need to lose two inches on your hips, I would say I have more jobs than I can do, I'm in high school, why would I go to all that trouble for two inches, when I can't even do all the jobs that I'm supposed to be doing right now anyway? Because I'm in school? You can dismiss it, that's the thing about it, because it's not the most important thing in the world, it's totally superficial. American agrees, “It's the importance that you give it in your own mind. There are anorexic girls outside of Hollywood as well, and when you're in Hollywood, yeah, there is an enormous amount of pressure, because people are looking at you, and people are - because that's not what you -But I don't think that anyone in Hollywood is any more immune to it than anybody outside of Hollywood, and that there is in fact even more pressure because there's that many more people watching you. And yeah, some people fall under it, and some people don't, and it's a choice. And it's a battle that you have to fight every day. But it has to be a choice, to say look, I'm not defined by what people think of me, I'm defined by how I think of me, and how I see myself. It's gotta be a choice, to continually fight it, and not believe the lies that are told to you, because they are told to you, all day every day. I didn't get that role because I'm not skinny enough, and that may be true, but it's not a truth that - you know, it may not be true, and it's not a truth that's enough for me to physically harm myself and become unhealthy.

Wise beyond her years. In fact all of these young ladies are smart and driven. And I look forward to seeing them on screen from years to come.

The film is rated PG and will be released nationwide on Wednesday, June 1st.

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