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Shiver by Lisa Jackson


FLAVA that's still to come!

Lisa Jackson

Genre: Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 075821393X
Published: April 4, 2006
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Lisa Jackson’s million-copy plus instant bestseller FATAL BURN hit both The New York Times (3/19) and USA Today (3/9) lists at number two in its first, partial week on sale! Funny what can happen when a nice, extremely talented lady starts spending her time with serial killers. Once a kid from the middle of nowhere, now among the hottest “properties” in publishing, Lisa Jackson is following this stellar performance with yet another book, SHIVER, hits shelves on April 4, 2006.

Back-to-back with FATAL BURN, SHIVER is the first of her novels to be originally published in hardcover, and will undoubtedly also be her first hardcover bestseller.

Writing SHIVER took her in some new directions, including researching practices at mental institutions and exploring the pain of suicide, and brought readers back to the setting of some of her previous novels, the city of New Orleans.



Detective Reuben "Diego" Montoya is back in New Orleans. Thanks to years of working with the dark side of society, his youthful swagger is gone, replaced by straightforward determination. He'll need it, because a serial killer is turning The Big Easy into his personal playground. The victims are killed in pairs --- no connection, no apparent motive, no real clues. Somebody's playing a sick game, and Montoya intends to beat him at it.

His only lead is the ex-wife of one of the victims. Abby Chastain is a woman haunted by painful secrets. Twenty years ago she watched in horror as her mother, a patient at the Our Lady of Virtues Mental Hospital, plunged through a window to her death. Abby has always dreaded that she too would one day go insane...especially now, back in this town, where she's begun to feel watched, as if the devil himself is scraping a fingernail along her spine. Something about Abby --- her spirit and her honest fear --- gets to Montoya. His gut tells him his prime suspect is innocent, just like it's telling him there's something significant about the once-grand hospital now decaying in a gloomy thicket of ancient live oaks. Abby Chastain can help unlock the mystery --- if only Montoya can get her to trust him enough to face the ghosts of her past.

As more bodies are found in gruesome, staged scenarios and the FBI moves in, Montoya's in a desperate race to find a killer whose crimes are getting more terrifying, and closer all the time. Plunging deep into a nightmare investigation will uncover a shocking revelation --- a deadly connection between Abby and Montoya and an asylum where unspeakable crimes were committed, evil once roamed free, and a human predator may still wait. For the past is never completely gone. Its sins must be avenged, its wrongs righted. And this time Detective Reuben Montoya may pay the price... © Copyright 2006 by Kensington Books.



20 years earlier
Our Lady of Virtues Hospital
Near New Orleans, Louisiana

She felt his breath.



Erotically evil.

A presence that caused the hairs on the back of her neck to lift, her skin to prickle, sweat to collect upon her spine. Her heart thumped and, barely able to move, standing in the darkness, she searched the shadowed corners of her room frantically. Far away, through the open window, she heard the reverberating songs of the frogs in the nearby swamps, and further still the rumble of a train upon faraway tracks.

But here, now, he was with her.

Go away, she tried to say, but held her tongue, hoping beyond hope that he wouldn't notice her standing near the window. On the other side of the paned glass security lamps illuminated the grounds with pale, bluish light and she realized, belatedly that her body, shrouded only by a sheer night gown, was silhouetted by the eerie bluish glow from those lamps. Of course he could see her, find her in the darkness.

He always did.

Lisa Jackson
Lisa Jackson (c)

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