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Cass' review of Go With the Flow by Walter Beasley

Cass' review of
Go With the Flow
Walter Beasley

Go With the Flow (2003)
Running time: 50 minutes
Artist: Walter Beasley
Genre: Jazz
Label: N-Coded Music
Artist site: http://www.walterbeasley.com
Cass' interview with Walter Beasley


The day before and morning of my interview with Walter Beasley, I was stressing out because of deadlines and foolishness at work. When I left work the night before and got into my car, I immediately hit the play button on the CD player. After I realized it was Walter's CD playing, I turned UP the volume. Here's the funny thing -- I heard myself talking back to the CD, saying stuff like, "You go Walter," when he gets into the groove on tracks, "Go With the Flow" and "Over and Over". All of a sudden, I forgot about being stressed out. Grant it, I was already a big Walter Beasley fan before I received Go With the Flow because I had played "What's My Name" from his Midnight Love: The Ultimate Collection of Walter's Romantic Classics CD so much, that I thought I had amnesia.

But that's not the best part. While I was driving home, I was grooving so much that the guy driving next to me gestured for me to roll my window down. Typically, I ignore brothas tryin' to get my attention. But, since he was driving a 2004 or 2005, blue metallic Mercedes-Benz Roadster, and we had been driving next to each other for about 15 minutes at about 80 mph, I rolled my window down because he may have been trying to tell me that I had a flat tire or something. Yeah right. We both slowed down a bit, and he yelled, "Hey lady, what are you jamming to because you look like you're enjoying it?" I kept bobbing my head and flashed the CD cover at him and yelled back, "It's Walter Beasley, dude! You can pick up a copy at Circuit City." I smiled back at him then floored it.

Every track on Go With the Flow is totally enjoyable. You'll be entertained with an assortment of Walter's musical style. His instrumental tracks showcase his versatility and the sound coming out of his alto or soprano saxophone is that of pure enjoyment. But, if you want to escape into a more reflective and sensual mood, you'll find yourself hitting the repeat button on tracks like Norah Jones', "Don't Know Why," or David Cochrane and Dianne Quander's "(Do I Ever) Cross Your Mind". This catchy little hook -- "Do I ever cross your mind? Do you long to have me near to you? Do I ever cross you mind? 'Cause I want to have you here right now, with me," will have you singing along. You'll also be in for a few surprises like listening to one of his students, Abria Smith, add her spin to the rap song, "All I Want". "All I want to do is to be with you, see your lovely smile when I wake in your arms. Hold your body close, make sweet love to you, if that's alright with you babe." Heck yeah you can!!!

To find out more about Walter Beasley, please visit his web site at http://www.walterbeasley.com/. I'd like to also thank Walter's assistant, Danieli, for scheduling this interview.


Walter Beasley scores big with his CD, Go With the Flow. But the truth of the matter is, no matter which CD you pick-up, you won't be disappointed. Walter mixes the right grooves with the right tunes. All you have to do is sit back and relax, and leave your listening experience all up to Professor Beasley because this is one teacher who practices what he preaches. Class dismissed!




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