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Bringing Down the House


The Diva's review of
Bringing Down the House. (2003)


Bringing Down the House Rated PG-13; running time of 1 hour and 45 minutes
Written by: Jason Filardi
Directed by: Adam Shankman
Cast: Steve Martin, Queen Latifah, Eugene Levy, Joan Plowright, Jean Smart, Kimberly J. Brown, Angus T. Jone
U.S. Release Date: 3/7/03


The Digest

Peter Sanderson (Steve Martin) is workaholic and uptight tax attorney who has put his job first so often that it cost him his family. Single and living alone, when he is not working he is sending instant messages in a legal advice Chat Room. He comes across "lawyergirl" who is having trouble with a client who is being railroaded. They strike up a friendship she sends him her picture and before you know it they have a date to meet at Peter's house.

Peter, expecting to find a skinny little blond, opens his door to Charlene (Queen Latifah)- an ex-con who is neither skinny nor blond. Charlene doesn't have a client being railroaded, she is the one in trouble and claims that she was framed and after making a scene to disrupt his neighbors - one of whom is his boss' racist sister (Betty White) - he agrees to help Charlene prove her innocence.

But how does he explain the fact that he is now essentially living with "'round the way girl"? He just makes her a nanny for his kids and tries to distance himself from her. The more he runs from her, the more his co-worker, Howie (Eugene Levy) runs to her. Howie is completely sprung on Charlene, but Charlene doesn't have the time to devote to Howie because she is on a time limit herself. Can she and Peter prove her innocence before it's too late?

The Dish

Oh my lord. I really liked this movie and admittedly I feel totally guilty about that fact. Especially having brought my own baggage to the theater. I kept expecting the white folks to turn around and ask me to translate for them or to comment on how funny the Negroes are. I know this was completely unreasonable of me, but that is what I was dealing with internally. And if you let this movie tell it; most white guys are uptight and racist or they think it's cool to be black and therefore try to be hip by using slang. All Black folks are thugs or ghetto princesses. But despite all of this, damn if I didn't laugh my behind off. I just can't hate on Steve Martin no matter what he does and Eugene Levy basically saved this movie from itself, which is typical of him. I was a little disappointed with Q.L.'s role. I'm still riding high on her performance in "Chicago" and to go from that to this was disheartening, but I got over it and just enjoyed it for what it's worth.

This is not the most well written script out there and it has several slow spots, despite this it was worth the time I spent watching it and struggling to hear it over the audience laughter.

The Directive

Watch it with low expectations and you'll find that you really enjoy it.

3BC Ratings

green light


It brought down the theater house.<
The Directive

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