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The Art of War


The Diva's review of
The Art of War (2000)


Any Given Sunday Rated R; running time of 2 hours
Genre: Action
Written by: Wayne Beach
Directed by: Christian Duguay
Cast : Wesley Snipes, Anne Archer,Michael Biehn, Maury Chaykin, Marie Matiko,Donald Sutherland Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
U.S. Release Date: 12/22/99


The Digest

Okay children, here's the deal. Shaw (Wesley Snipes) is a special covert operative for the United Nations. His boss Eleanor Hooks (Anne Archer) has the "by any means" philosophy. For the most part it boils down to threats and blackmail, but there is a hint that it will go beyond that if necessary. The goal of her team is to make the Secretary of the United Nations., Douglas Thomas (Donald Sutherland) look good and make sure the best interest of America is upheld.

Douglas summed it up nicely when speaking about Shaw's most recent operation, "How do I give a medal to a man who doesn't exist for a situation that never happened". Shaw is tired of life as a non-existent man. He is ready to retire, but his boss convinces him to do one more very simple operation. Putting a bug on a Chinese dignitary. Simple enough until there is a shoot out that makes Shaw a fugitive.

With the help of a Chinese interpreter, Julia Fang (Marie Matiko), Shaw sets out to clear his name with the Chinese Triad and FBI hot on his tail.

The Dish

Hmmm. Well it was pretty run of the mill. Standard falsely accused/must clear name storyline. The one bright spot in my opinion, was Agent Cappella (Maury Chaykin). He is such an old hat that he doesn't even need to cover his nose and mouth from the stench of death. He also figures out early on that Shaw is innocent even though he is leaving a trail of dead bodies. His rye and dry delivery of lines cracked me up.

I'm usually all over a Wesley Snipes action flick, but ya know... this one wasn't that thrilling to me. It might be because I spotted the stunt man more than once. Don't get me wrong. You won't find my ass jumping off of buildings either, but I like to stay unaware of the stunt people. I like to stay ignorant of the whole movie making process. I prefer not to know that it's not magic on the screen.

Speaking of buildings... Ummm "why come" no one had broken ankles and legs? They were jumping from WAY up on top of buildings and landing on concrete then getting up and running. Uh-huh. Something ain't right with that. One of them shoulda snapped a leg or two.

Also, this movie was about 20 minutes too long. I kinda zoned out more than once.

And can I please say that I'm a big hypocrite? I think Art of War was more violent than The Cell in terms of frequency and gore, but Art of War didn't bother me. *shrug* Go figure.

Oh one more thing I need to mention. I played one of my favorite games, "Spot the zit on Wesley" and I'm happy to report that I only found one or two very small ones. I guess Wes gets nervous or stressed when making movies because he always has like a big HUGE zit somewhere. He also has lost some weight and tightened up. He looked good.

A Rant... Please for the love God, don't talk during the movie and leave the kids at home. I asked girlfriend twice nicely to please be quiet, the third time I gave her a dirty look and she had the nerve to ask me what I was looking at and to stay out of her conversation. That's the problem, you idiot, you shouldn't be having a conversation during the movie. People don't be selfish. I paid to see the movie just like you, I would like to enjoy the movie in peace.

The Directive

Tough one. If you just must see Wesley, then head right out. Everyone else, it's pretty weak as far as action movies are concerned and I figured out early on who was behind everything.

3BC Ratings

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