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The Kingdom [On DVD 12/26/07]


The Diva's review of
The Kingdom(2007)


resident evil
;; running time of 1 hour and 50 minutes
Genre: Thriller
Written by : Matthew Michael Carnahan
Directed by: Peter Berg
Cast: Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner, Jason Bateman, Chris Cooper, Richard Jenkins, Jeremy Piven, Ashraf Barhom
Theatrical release Date: 09/28/07
DVD release Date: 12/26/07
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 51% - Rotten
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Theatrical Performance
Total US Gross $ 47,467,250
International Gross $ 37,783,866
Worldwide Gross $ 85,251,116


The Digest

American workers living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia are trying their best to lead a normal life is this arid country. They are having a picnic and playing baseball just like in Any Town, USA then the unthinkable happens. Posing as policemen, suicide bombers are able to infiltrait the compound and blow themselves up. But that is just to cause a distraction. The main goal is even uglier than that. This act of violence strikes at the core of the USA. Especially in Washington D.C. The specialized F.B.I unit has lost two of their own and they want answers. Agent Ronald Fleury (Jamie Foxx) has convinced the government of both countries to allow his team to go in and observe the investigation. He and his forensic team - Janet Mayes (Jennifer Garner), a pathologist; Adam Leavitt (Jason Bateman), a system analyst; and Grant Sykes (Chris Cooper), an explosives expert – head for the middle east. Although they have been OK’d to go to Saudi, they don’t count on having to be shadowed and controlled by local police colonel Al-Ghazi (Ashraf Barhom). His job is to keep them busy and away from the crime scene. However it becomes very clear, very fast that this crime was committed by a local and the that local investigators are way over their head. Not only do the Americans have to convince the Saudi’s to allow them to solve this crime, they have to do it before another strike happens and with no help from the local people who are distrustful of an American.

The Dish

Other critics have called the action in this movie “balls to the walls” and I have to agree. I seriously was on the edge of my seat the whole movie. I worried that people would walk away with a negative opinion of Saudi’s, but that just isn’t possible with this movie. It is really even handed. It’s well crafted and the pacing keeps the film moving at a dizzying pace. I found myself cussing “these blankety-blanks ain’t no joke!”

I loved each and every character, the writing and the directing. I know I’m in the minority in this based on the tomato meter, but I’m sticking with it. It evoked a myriad of feelings from me, which quite honestly, surprised me. I really identified with these characters and I’m really digging the stories that Peter Berg has chosen to tell.

The DVD My favorite part of the DVD is Character by Character: The Apartment Shootout. You chose which character you want to see and you can view their exclusive scenes from the shoot out. As if it wasn’t already intense enough. I mean seeing Jennifer Gardner handle her business made me hoot and holler. I also love the History of The Kingdom: An Interactive Timeline .

• Deleted Scenes
• Character by Character: The Apartment Shootout
• Constructing the Freeway Sequence
• Creating The Kingdom
• History of The Kingdom: An Interactive Timeline
• Feature Commentary with Director Peter Berg


• Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
• Anamorphic - Enhanced for Widescreen TVs.
• Audio English: Dolby Digital 5.1
• French: Dolby Digital 5.1
• Spanish: Dolby Digital 5.1
• Subtitles English, French, Spanish Video Formats:
• Aspect Ratio: 2.40:1
• Anamorphic - Enhanced for Widescreen TVs.

The Directive This is an intense (is this the third time I’ve used this word?) movie and pretty violent. But I still enjoyed it. Check it out.

3BC Ratings

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The Kingdom Rules.

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