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Good Luck Chuck


The Diva's review of
Good Luck Chuck(2007)


good luck chuck Rated R; running time of 1 hour and 35 minutes
Genre: Comedy
Written by : Josh Stolberg, based on the short story by Steve Glenn
Directed by: Mark Helfrich
Cast: Dane Cook, Jessica Alba, Dan Fogler, Ellia English

Theatrical release Date: 09/21/07


The Digest

In 1985, 12 year old Chuck is at a birthday were a game of spin the bottle has started. Chuck ends up in the closet with a goth girl who he refuses to make out with despite the fact that she fancy’s herself in love with him. She can’t take the rejects him and curses him. The curse states that basically he will never find true love. Every girl that he dates will have their heart broken, but they will then find Mr. Right.

Yeah right. But over the years, this seems to be exactly the case. We don’t know what happens during his 20’s , but when we catch up with Chuck in his 30s, he’s a successful dentist who has no real shortness of girlfriends. However, it would seem that when he gets dumped by each guy, the women end up finding the their true love in the next man they date and they get married.

As the curse seems to be working, word gets out and before you know it, Chuck is inundated with women all looking for their soulmate and willing to sleep with Chuck to make that happen.

So what happens when Chuck finds his soulmate? And that’s exactly what happens. He meets the beautiful and klutzy Cam (Jessica Alba) – right when even he is believing in the hype of the curse. So what is Chuck going to do? If he sleeps with her, he is sure to lose her forever. But how can he express his interest and not hurt her feelings every time he begs off intimacy?

The Dish

Lord have mercy. I just did not know what I was getting into. I was just caught off guard by the crass and some times vulgar moments in this movie. I didn’t care for “Knocked Up” either, but after seeing this mess? Woooo “Knocked Up” is Oscar worthy in comparison. This movie actually made me want to give “Knocked Up” 2 or 3 more stars because I saw how bad it could have been. Make sense?

I adore Dane Cook. But with the exception of Mr. Brooks, I am largely unimpressed with his foray into acting. I can listen to his stand up for hours on end, but not so much with his filmography. But Dane Cook’s Chuck I was able to deal with, But Dan Floger ‘s Stu was one of the most vial and disgusting men on film I have seen in a long time. He was such a pig, that I could barely look at him and I can’t say for cetain that was the plan. I think they might have went a tad overboard.

Jessica Alba is cute, but is “Dark Angel” the best we’re gonna get? I have not seen any really growth in her acting over the last 6 years. Correct me if I’m wrong. Okay I can correct myself with SinCity, but I think that is about it. But I

The Directive This is a film as opposed to a movie, that said, I think everyone can find a reason to like this movie.

3BC Ratings



It’s our dumb luck that this movie has be foisted upon us.

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