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The Pixar Story


The Diva's review of
The Pixar Story (2007)



The Two Jakes




From official press release:

In 1984, animator John Lasseter left his job at Disney to join a quiet revolution in filmmaking taking place in Northern California. A small group of imaginative artists and computer scientists had joined forces to explore the possibilities of computer generated animation in a project that would transform the art form. Working with two other talented visionaries, engineer Ed Catmull and entrepreneur Steve Jobs, Lasseter imagined a world in which a computer becomes “a multimillion dollar pencil.” From early explorations such as Luxo Jr. to Pixar’s triumphant feature debut, Toy Story, they and their colleagues transformed animation like no one since Walt Disney himself. With unparalleled access to the people who shaped its history, The Pixar Story traces the company’s initial struggles, early failures and ultimate successes as it reaches the upper echelons of the entertainment business.

The Dish

"art challenges the techonology and the technolgy inspires the art." - John Lasseter

Who knew that the story of the birth of pixar was so exciting? And as Steve Jobs states, overnight successes rarely are. Indeed one might think that Pixar burst on to the scene with the 1995 release of Toy Story, but the Pixar gang was around long before that. A few of them went to the infamous California Institute of the Arts where he learned from the best, "The 9 Old Men" the fabled group of animators from the Disney Studios who all worked on Snow White.

Those who weren't pioneers in animation, were computer graphics pioneers. The marriage of the two groups of people ended up happening at LucasFilms. But after several years of operating in the Red, George Lucas spun off that department into what we know as Pixar. Enter Steve Jobs with the money and the rest is history.

One of my favorite moments is conversation by beloved animators Frank and Ollie - the last two members of the 9 old men. Frank has since passed on leaving 95 year old Ollie to carry the animation torch. Ollie might very well be the last person on this planet who helped to make film history with Walt Disney. I also love the opening sequence that shows the history of animation.

The Directive

You can't help but love these guys. And cheer for them, but aside from that their story is so interesting and engaging. Unfortunately, it's just about done with its theatrical run for Oscar qualifications so you'll have to wait until it gets a wide release.

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