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Ain't Nothin' Like Me: Joe

Aint Nothin' Like Me: Joe (JIVE)


Aint Nothin' Like Me. Tell em Joe!



Ain't Nothing Like Me IN STORES APRIL 24
Jive Records
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A Nas sample and a Nas appearance on the opening track!! - I knew it would only get better from there. Without a doubt Joe is talented - his music screams sexy like the saxophone. Joe always delivers the soul and hits listeners with his smooth, melodic vocals. However, one downfall to his music, which he does write himself, is his hesitance to stray away from the typical themes - girl, leave your man for me, and later where, oh where did you go girl? But overall, the production on his sixth album is solid and it's one you can enjoy from start to finish, without skipping over too many tracks, depending on your tastes. Even though the sound of “If I Want Her” seems a little too young for Joe, he concocts something that's his own and proves that he's the seasoned veteran. The Darkchild.com track sounds recycled, maybe it's the synthesized sounds, random whooop, and overdone soul clap, but somehow I still liked the song - a lot actually.

Another downfall to the album is the rap cameos. Joe should've evaluated each song, made sure the cameos were worth the seconds, instead of promoting song-filler. “Aint Nothing Like Me” and “Let's Just Do It” are good themselves, but Yayo sounds horrendous and leaves Young Buck to salvage the song, while Fabolous jumps on the latter track after two-and-a-half minutes to say nothing I can remember. Best guest appearance goes to Papoose - the only rapper I know who's better off without a record deal. He adds the salt and pepper to the well-produced “Where You At” - it's definitely the New York grittiness in him.

The biggest disappointment is “Go Hard.” The B. Cox production is stellar, vocals are good, but the lyrics - well I was told if I have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all. So I'll leave you with a few examples, “ Now watch me go hard/Real Gs go hard” and “She looks like a handful/I wanna get a handful.” Let me add this, is that all Joe??? The song is weak , very weak, near disastrous.

But not one to disappoint, Joe brings the heat on “Feel For You.” I felt my body temperature rise; the piano is beautiful. “Just Relax” offers the best production on the album - featuring none other than A Tribe Called Quest on the sample.

“I don't wanna believe that it's over…” Joe opens up with on his last track “Life Of The Party.” I felt the sentiment along with him. Overall a solid album - a few surprises here and there, one song bombed, and he tip-toed around cheesy on a few songs. But it's a HUGE feat for Joe to deliver a versatile package, production-wise. I'll definitely be waiting to see what Joe has to offer on his next album.

"Ain't Nothing Like Me" Tracklist:
  1. Get To Know Me featuring Nas
  2. If I Was Your Man
  3. I Want Her
  4. Where You At featuring Papoose
  5. My Love
  6. Go Hard
  7. Ain’t Nothin’ Like Me featuring Tony Yayo & Young Buck of G-Unit
  8. It’s Me
  9. Let’s Just Do It featuring Fabolous
  10. Feel For You
  11. Just Relax featuring Dre
  12. Love Is Just A Game
  13. You Should Know Me
  14. Life Of The Party


RATING: Flashing Yellow

My Favorite: Love Is Just A Game

Skipped: Go Hard, It's Me

Play Back: My Love, Feel For You, Life Of The Party

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