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The Diva's review of Hancock


The Diva's review of


Rated; running time of 1 hour and 32 minutes
Genre: Action
Written by Vincent Ngo and Vince Gilligan
Directed by: Peter Nerg
Cast : Will Smith, Jason Bateman, Charlize Theron Theatrical release Date: 7/2/08


The Digest

Hancock (Will Smith) is a man living in Los Angeles. He is like any other man in L.A. except he is a raging alcoholic and oh, he has super powers. That is not a good combination. On the one hand; he keeps the city of Los Angeles relatively safe. On the other hand; he does BILLIONS of dollars worth of damage and he has a bad temper. Just imagine a super hero who is also a semi-mean drunk with an attitude to boot.

But help is on the way for Hancock. As fate would have it, he rescues a very grateful Ray Embrey (Jason Bateman) who is also PR guy. Ray convinces Hancock that he needs to clean up his image. He needs to either pay outstanding fines or go to jail just like anyone else. And while he’s in jail crime will be so out of control the citizens will forgive Hancock of his recklessness. He also needs to show his appreciation for law enforcement official and stop being so abrasive to the public.

Ray is convinced that this will all work and Hancock is reluctantly ready to go along with it. He trust Ray and has forged a bond with Ray’s young son. Ray’s wife Mary (Charlize Theron), however is not so convinced she doesn’t care for Hancock and really doesn’t want him around her family. This presents a small problem at first and quickly mushroom into an out of control situation as truths are uncovered and lies exposed.

But will be the fallout of these revelations? Are they enough to put an end to handcock for good? At the PR expert’s advice Hancock agrees to be incarcerated for his crimes. His PR strategy?

The Dish


This movie is one F-word away from an R rating. I took my Entire group and their friends. All under 11. Now I understand fully what PG-13 means. But it’s Will Smith, right? It’s a comedy, right? I figured it was PG-13 because of potential violence. I didn’t expect there to be gore and guts, but a gun fight or two, maybe some fart jokes. I did NOT expect the word of the day to be “Asshole” which was uttered repeatedly. The adults in my group gave up trying to cover up ears about halfway through, especially when we missed the f-bomb. None of us saw that coming. In fact, the cursing was such that we held an emergency family meeting to discuss which words are not okay to repeat.

I’m not opposed to foul language. I cuss up a storm, but not in front of my girls. And I would have liked to have made an informed decision. A bad word here or there is not that bad, but this was a bit much for a PG-13/ Will Smith movie in my opinion. So know you can make the decision on whether this is appropriate for your children or not.

Beyond that, I did like this movie very much. There is a nice twist in the movie that we didn’t see coming which raises it above the standard summer fair. Even at its corniest and most offense, it was fun and hilarious. Especially the scenes surrounding Hancock’s incarceration. First of all, he can fly; bend metal; cut glass with his finger nail and they put him in basically, Chino (for the non Californians that’s a state prison.)

I’m ECSTATIC that Jason Bateman (who I’ve had a crush since I think I was 9 and “Silver Spoons” was an original first run sitcom. Damn just told my age again)is given a chance to shine. He really is a really good actor with impeccable comedic timing. He was sorely overlooked in “The Kingdom” and it’s a crime that Arrested Development was canceled – go to www.hulu.com to the whole series.

oh in case there is some confusion. Michel (Michelle) is a French boy. Some folks missed the joke.

The Directive

I had a fun 90 minutes, but remember there is some coarse language in it.

3BC Ratings



I have no problem signing on to recommend this. Get it? Signing on…John Hancock…nevermind.

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