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Designated Daughter: The Bonus Years With Mom - by D. G. Fulford [NOW IN BOOKSTORES]

Published: April 1, 2008
ISBN: 9781401322395
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A Designated Daughter holds her mother's purse in the doctor's waiting room. She reconciles her mother's bank statements, picks up her prescriptions from the pharmacy, and calls every morning to make sure she got through the night. Together, she and her mother face the elephant in the room: these years will be their last together. Much to their surprise, bestselling author D. G. Fulford and her mother, Phyllis Greene, have also found these "bonus years" as each other's closest companions to be their best. In their moving and funny new book, DESIGNATED DAUGHTER, they share their uplifting story of unanticipated growth and joy.

D.G. recalls how she and her mom—opposites in every way, including how they unload the dishwasher—entered this rewarding new phase of their relationship during a time of painful transition. After twenty years away raising her own daughter, D.G. moved back to Columbus, Ohio, when her father passed away. Then, as Phyllis adjusted to widowhood and D.G. became a grandmother, they learned to embrace their anxieties and cherish their time together. They became interdependent while maintaining their own identities. D.G., 59, begins each chapter of DESIGNATED DAUGHTER, and Phyllis, 89, chimes in at the end to add her own remarkable insights. Both women address the challenges of their situation honestly, and conclude that the bonus years have been an opportunity rather than an obligation.

Together, D.G. and Phyllis meet each day armed with grace, humor, and an understanding of what it is to live deliberately. Their narrative duet celebrates the special harmony of mothers and their Designated Daughters. The hopeful and relatable message of this book will be welcomed by mothers and children everywhere.

"When my mother became a widow, I became a Designated Daughter—the sibling who would try to take up the empty space that had always been filled by Dad. Instead, I found my own strong space, …

and learned that if you walk beside your mother when she needs you, you’ll absorb her wisdom and her strength—which will carry you as far as you ever need to go." — D. G. Fulford

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D. G. Fulford is the bestselling author of several books, including the classic To Our Children’s Children, which she wrote with her brother, Bob Greene. She is also the author of Things I'd Love You to Know, the companion fill-in journal to Designated Daughter. D.G. cofounded The Remembering Site, which makes it easy for anyone to write, archive, share, and publish her life story. Phyllis Greene became a firsttime author, at the age of 82, with It Must Have Been Moonglow: Reflections on the First Years of Widowhood. She is the mother of three, the grandmother of eight, and the greatgrandmother of two children. Fulford and Greene live in Columbus, Ohio.



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