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Ice Cube First Sunday Interview

3BlackChicks Review™... First Sunday - The Interviews (The Diva)

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Ice Cube
Star of
First Sunday (2007)

Question:There was a time when you had a big entourage around you.

Ice Cube : Ice Cube: I used to have 15 people working with me when I first started. I was trying to get the whole neighborhood in, and then you find out that people aren’t ready for primetime. They start to fall off and you see what you are left with and I have three dudes that stuck around and I realized that I can get it done with those three and we’ve been here for years.

Question:How does it look now? It’s been almost 20 years that you have been in the media game.

Ice Cube : Ice Cube: I feel the same. I don’t feel like I have crossed some big threshold or something like that; but in looking back, I’m happy where I am and happy where I’m going. After 18 years in the game, that’s about all you can expect, to be happy.

Question:How did you connect with David Talbert to come on board as a producer to the film?

Ice Cube : Ice Cube: Tim Story, who the director of the first ‘Barbershop’ and he was a first time director and we helped him get that experience and he knew David was ready and came to us and basically showed us who David was and got us the script and after we read it, we thought it was edgy but so timely. It needs to be said. It needs to be done. This is also the kind of movie that we do best.

Question:David called you ‘The Godfather of Urban Comedy’. You seemed to have found what works best for you. Are you going to branch out or keep blessing us with these urban comedies?

Ice Cube : Ice Cube: I’m going to do both. I’m going to branch out like I have been doing with films like ‘XXX’ and ‘Are We There Yet?’ but also do what I do best and never abandon that just because I’ve done a lot of them. I owe to the audience to give them what they want. I’m always asked, ‘When’s another ‘Friday’ coming out?’ I want to deliver on stuff like that. I don’t want to keep them hanging. I’ve been on Chris Tucker to jump in. I need him back.

Question:How did you and Tracy Morgan hook up?

Ice Cube : Ice Cube: In ‘Are We There Yet?’ he did the voice of Satchel Paige

Question:You seem to introduce the world to comedians whose time has come like you did with Chris Tucker and Mike Epps. How did you decide it was Tracy’s turn to shine?

Ice Cube : Ice Cube: He was just right. When I first read the script, I envisioned that this is a movie that me and Mike Epps could do together and have fun with it; but I think David wanted to establish himself and not borrow off anything that was done before. So we started thinking who was out there that can be just good or better, and the list got shorter and shorter, and Tracy’s name was still there and he’s the one. He’s the one because he has the chops and if he likes it and wants to do it and says yes, it would be a big relief. He’s so spontaneous and coming from SNL, we knew that he would be the right person.

Question:Katt Williams was in one of your other films, ‘Friday After Next’, so how did he come on to this film?

Ice Cube : Ice Cube: Clint Culpepper, head of Screen Gems, really wanted him in the movie. Clint pursued Katt and I thought it was a great choice. I was thinking maybe Ricky Smiley could have played the choir director but at the end Katt just did a better job. I’m glad we ended up using Katt in the role and Ricky was still able to jump in the movie as Bernadette Jenkins. It all worked out well.

Question:The film also has some serious undertones like the issue on fathers and their kids. Can you talk about fathers who still want to be there for their kids?

Ice Cube : Ice Cube: You have stories that are out there like the Andy Griffiths types of stories that always get played but as far as an urban movie like this, you normally see a single parent home where the father is missing. Here the father isn’t an absentee. He’s trying to do what’s best for his kid. That’s why you can tolerate Durell and his reason for the robbing the church; it’s the fact that he’s only doing it for his son; even though it’s a stupid decision. If someone told you that they were taking away your kid or loved one in a week or two unless you came up with a certain amount of money, it’s damn near like being held for ransom. What crazy stuff would you to stop that from happening? One time Durell listens to LeeJohn and he’s not a bad guy and it’s important to show that. Even with folks that go to the pen, they don’t all want to be Scarface. Most of them just want a life; just some beer, cards, and no worries. That’s all Durell wants.

Question:How old are your kids now and are they watching your films?

Ice Cube : Ice Cube: In the beginning they did. They watched ‘Friday’ and even ‘Player’Club’. They are older now. I have 21, 16, 13 and 7 year old kids. People wonder if I’m doing another kids movie for them and they are wondering when I will do another Friday. This movie is more up their alley than both ‘Are We There Yet?’ and ‘Are We Done Yet?’ I did those films because they were good scripts and it was something you didn’t think you would see me in and these were films that the people who grew up with me have been down since day 1 and I had never done anything for their kids. After 20 years, it was something I could do for my youngest audience. If the script is good, that’s what really motivates me more than worrying about trying to do this kind of movie or that kind of movie.

Question:Can you talk about working with the women in the film?

Ice Cube : Ice Cube: Very good. With Loretta Devine and Olivia Cole, you have to bring you’re a game. You don’t want to look like an amateur when you are on the screen with them. I definitely made sure that I was on top of my game with all the actors. I was a little loose with Tracy (Morgan), but I was in there with Michael Beach, Keith David, Chi McBride and I don’t know if I ever worked on a cast that was so full of great actors.

Question:Even Miss New York?

Ice Cube: (Laughing) She was cool. She was ready. Talked shit, had her weave done and smoked a cigarette

Question:What’next for you?

Ice Cube : Ice Cube: I’m working on ‘The Comeback’. I working in Shreveport on that one and hopefully it will be out next year. Fred Durst is the director.

FIRST SUNDAY opens on January 11, 2008


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